EXCLUSIVE — Carter Page Fires Back At Sam Nunberg: ‘Laughable’

Carter Page tells Big League Politics that former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg’s attack on him Monday was “laughable.”

Nunberg said that Page was “colluding with the Russians” during a round of mainstream TV appearances following his announcement that he would defy special counsel Robert Mueller’s subpoena for emails that Nunberg exchanged with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.

“Laughable,” Page tells BLP. “Ask him for specifics, rather than more mindless rhetoric.”

Page was the subject of massive FBI surveillance, as anti-President Trump agents in the FBI sought to use Page’s trip to Russia as the basis for a wide investigation into the president and his team. While the FBI ignored tips about school shooter Nikolas Cruz, Page was a top priority.

“Apparently it was present in all aspects of my life,” Page said of the surveillance of him. “Perhaps the most daunting aspect was the domestic terrorist threats that it inspired, based on the specific lies in the Dodgy Dossier.”

Page is particularly not a fan of Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

“Members of the DNC have been feeding false and misleading information to the media for over a year and a half now. I’m not very bothered by it any more, since the worst lies have been so thoroughly disproven or are obviously inconceivable on their face. However, the damaging effect that it has had on our country is pretty sad.”

Page said that Hillary Clinton’s promotion of the Christopher Steele dossier during the campaign “definitely had a negative influence on the last election.”

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