EXCLUSIVE: Documents Reveal San Jose School District’s Racist “Privilege” Indoctrination

A person holding an I am white and privileged banner at a gay pride event

New documents obtained by Big League Politics reveal the depths of left-wing diversity and critical race theory training in a Santa Clara County school district. The identity-based trainings practiced in the Cupertino School District, which governs schools in San Jose and its suburbs, may be among the most racially charged and discriminatory used in the country.

Critical race theory critic Chris Rufo previously reported on the use of racial trainings in the Cupertino School District- on students as young as in the third grade. A parent of a child who attended Meyerholz Elementary School in Cupertino has described the teachers at the school as “teaching racism to my 8-year-old.” Discriminatory race trainings at Meyerholz were shut down after Rufo’s report, but it appears the race-based trainings are still being conducted at other Cupertino School District schools.

A student whistleblower has provided documents to Big League Politics revealing the extent of the left-wing indoctrination. These documents, assigned to students of Homestead High School in Cupertino, appear to embrace greater levels of prejudice, openly instructing students to identify how they personally are privileged and identify supposed privileged demographic groups.

Students are ordered to define left-wing mantras of “oppression,” including sexism, heterosexism, classism, racism, colorism, lookism, cisgenderism, nativism, anti-semitism, islamophobia, ableism, ageism, sizeism, and colonialism.

In collective and discriminatory fashion, the high schoolers are told to identify groups that are “oppressed” and groups that are “privileged.” This amounts to no less than ethnic and racial scapegoating, all conducted under the name of “diversity.”

In Maoist-style struggle session fashion, students are instructed to list ways in which they are supposedly privileged and not privileged.

The student whistleblower familiar with the matter described Homestead High and Cupertino School District administrators as confident in the uniformity of a left-wing identity-based culture in the affluent northern California area, believing they wouldn’t face criticism for the discriminatory trainings. Students and parents are inculcated in the race-based trainings as early as third grade, and as a result some are wholly unfamiliar with the traditional American concept of treating people as individuals and equal treatment.

The Cupertino School District features the demography of its own student base on its website, and the majority of students who attend the public school system are identified as Asian. Notably, the district doesn’t even mention the proportion of students who are black, raising serious questions on their standing to speak on matters of diversity.

Big League Politics has reached out to the Cupertino School District for comment.

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