Exclusive: Why GOP operative Mike Caputo calls out Brian Fallon, Adam Parkhomenko for their Russia hoaxing

Michael R. Caputo (File photo)

One of the top Republican operatives in the country and the man in charge of candidate Donald J. Trump’s New York GOP primary campaign told Big League Politics that now that Hillary R. Clinton’s role in the development of the so-called “Trump Dossier” was revealed he is vindicated after he absorbed charges from senior Clinton campaign aides that he was an agent of Russia interference in the 2016 presidential election.

“Brian Fallon, Adam Parkhomenko and other top Clinton aides, were the chief purveyors of this bogus Russia smut,” said Michael R. Caputo, who is now working with Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon to overturn the Republican establishment slate in the 2018 midterm elections.

“They have gone as far as making personal accusations against people like me, Roger Stone and others, who were instrumental in beating their candidate,” he said.

Caputo said he confronted both Fallon and Parkhomenko on Twitter, but both men remained committed to their accusations. “Absolutely.”

Fallon and Parkhomenko were the ones from the beginning that Caputo’s involvement as a Russian agent was a lie, he said. “But, they are the ones, who pushed it the hardest.”


“I wasn’t paying all that much attention, because I was all hung up in Trump Tower, but the first time a reporter contacted me about this was directly after Brian Fallon put out a press release accusing me and four other people of being Trump’s conduits to Putin,” he said.

“That was approximately June or July of 2016,” he said.

“It came out on Hillary Clinton’s something-or-other, they put out a daily press release that gave reporters story ideas,” the veteran of the Army’s 25th Infantry Division said. “I know from people, who were on the inside of the Clinton effort, they were already cooking it up–they were thinking about this ever since the first time Trump was asked about Putin and he refused to say if he hadn’t met him yet.”

Caputo said he thinks Trump’s hesitation about talking about how well he knew Putin was because the New York City developer was anxious about charges that he lacked foreign policy experience.

“What I heard from a friend of mine, who was inside the Clinton campaign, is that when Trump kind of smiled through the interview and sort of explaining that he had only met Putin in a Green Room or something like that–it was almost directly after that that the Clinton people started testing those questions and discussing those things about Trump and Putin,” he said.

“Fallon was a part of it from the very beginning,” he said. “It gained speed and it gained momentum as the campaign went on.”

When Caputo’s friend and sometimes business partner Paul Manafort joined the Trump campaign, the Clinton campaign ramped up the Russia connection, because Manafort had been a consultant with the pro-Russian Ukrainian president, whose 2014 overthrow in m President Barack Obama supported.

Caputo, who also did consulting work in Ukraine, said his contacts in that country told him that Americans, who seemed to be linked to the Clinton campaign and were asking around for dirt on Trump and Manafort.

In addition to the attacks from the Clinton campaign, Rep. Jackie Speier (D.-Calif.) accused Caputo of working as Putin’s image consultant and cited his wife’s Ukrainian background as proof of his malfeasance. Caputo posted the opening statement from his July 14 testimony on his blog PoliticsNY.

Caputo said that when he read Tuesday in The Washington Post that the Clinton campaign took over the Trump dossier from a #NeverTrump Republican and the original vendor FusionGPS and paid for former English intelligence officer Christopher Steele as a sub-vendor to research Trump until days before the election, he assumed that the FusionGPS made a corporate decision to cooperate with investigators.

As soon as the radio talk show host heard the FusionGPS took the fifth before a congressional committee, he knew the truth would come out, he said.

“Clearly, The Washington Post put it out at the behest of the Clinton’s, in order to get the news out there and manage it.”

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