EXCLUSIVE: Insurgent Florida Congressional Candidate Nicolas Kimaz Fights ‘Jihad and Communism’

Nicolas Kimaz, Facebook

When Nicolas Kimaz was fifteen years old in Lebanon, he was an anti-jihadist child soldier. Now he’s an American businessman who loves President Donald Trump and is determined to bring down Florida’s 22nd District Democratic Congressman “Crooked” Ted Deutch in November’s election.

For Kimaz, the battle between freedom-loving American patriots and corrupt globalist forces is nothing less than a struggle to save Western civilization for future generations.

“President Trump opened up a window of opportunity for people who are not politicians” to run for office, Kimaz tells Big League Politics in an exclusive interview touting his young candidacy.

“Mr. Ted Deutch, he’s been in politics for 22 years,” Kimaz said. “He’s serving his third term for district 22. He has not done anything for the district. He has voted against tax reform, health reform, he is just a guy who is there to serve himself and not serve the country. He has not been supportive at all of our president and his agenda.”

“He’s proud of his smile,” Kimaz says mockingly of Deutch. “I just read an article saying his smile should carry him to be the Speaker of the House one day, but he has not performed. He has done nothing, zero, for me.”

“I’m playing to help him retire.”

On the stump, Kimaz puts things even more bluntly. As he tells his crowds, “I need your help to destroy Ted Deutch.”


Deutch, a vegan progressive, might not even know what’s coming at him. Kimaz, a naturopath healer and herbalist, has put together an impressive team of grassroots political strategists including Spence Rogers, deputy director of Ted Cruz’s winning Iowa caucus effort. And he views his battle for the 22nd District seat as a clash between Good and Evil.

“We have a great group right now that has the same passion. We all support the president and support his agenda,” Kimaz says. “We need to deport criminal aliens. Building the wall is important for national security. If we fix the economy, if we fix everything and we lose national security then we lose it all.”

“I was a child soldier at 15 fighting against the jihadists. I am a Christian. They tried to kill my family. I know who they are. I know what they’re all about. I know how they think. I know their mindset.”

“I’ve done business in many countries where people hate America,” Kimaz says. “We have to prevent these people from mushrooming in America. I will not allow Allah and Communism to be established here in the United States. I know the danger is already there. We will put a stop to it. I don’t want to see my children having to carry guns in the street in America to fight in their own country. By then it will be too late.”

“If we don’t stand for our flag, our values, what we believe in, and make sure no one is going to deplete our values like the media and Hollywood — the Communism and Socialism like all of that — soon we will lose our country just like Europe has fallen. It can easily happen. It will take a little time but the danger and warning signs are there.”

“Whether I become a congressman or not, I am on the path. I am committed to bringing awareness to others. I will not allow our country to be taken.”

Kimaz is facing off against fellow Republicans Javier Manjarres and Paul Spain in the primary before he will get a chance to make a direct run at Deutch, who has just over $290,000 in cash on hand, according to records.

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