EXCLUSIVE: Messages Reveal That January 6 Political Prisoners Are Being Tortured

The January 6 political prisoners are being tortured in jail in Washington, D.C. Jessica Marie Watkins exclusively told Big League Politics’ source:

“Ultimately sir, my codefendants and I (like Mr. Huff) are innocent. We didn’t destroy anything or attack or threaten anyone. My codefendants even rescued a Police Officer. We were only there briefly, and after the Police reacted to the crowds, we left immediately without being told to do so.

We did honorable things, not violence, yet we are being held indefinitely without bond and being mistreated. The Public Defenders Office was playing dirty with me too. I threw out some proverbial “landmines” and my attorney stepped right on them.

It was like having a second prosecutor at times. Now, I have a paid attorney, and the prosecution is not happy about it. That tells me everything I need to know about my Public Defender. I appreciate you for your help sir. If you have any questions, I am happy to assist if I can. Thank you!,” Jessica Marie Watkins said in a text message.

“I wanted to speak with you, as the similarities between Madisonville and J6 continue to expound. I never heard of Madisonville until you started sending documents to Mr. Reffitt. Now, it seems pivotal in placing a spotlight on the DoJ and FBI for criminal misdeeds as well as human rights violations.

If somehow Trump got reelected in 2024, and he gives us pardons, I intend to use my “platform” to request a Presidential Pardon for Mr. Huff. He was wrongfully convicted for political means. It disgusts me, and (frankly) scares me.

What chance have I against such a machination? I’m an ant trying to evade a steamroller. I’m sure you’re aware that am an Oathkeeper defendant charged with Seditious Conspiracy as well as other flat out false allegations. The FBI and Prosecution KNOW I am innocent.

I rescued a couple wounded people, stopped damage twice, and obeyed all lawful orders. Now somehow, I am akin to a traitor?! Stewart Rhodes is at the epicenter of all of this. I am hoping for your help,” Jessica Marie Watkins said in a text message.

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