EXCLUSIVE: Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt Hit with Major Allegations of Reporting Fraud, Funding Campaign Event with Taxpayer Money, Illegal Super PAC Coordination

A concerned citizen has filed a complaint to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Eric Schmitt, Schmitt for Senate and Schmitt for Missouri for allegedly refusing to report in-kind contributions and other major legal violations.

Big League Politics has received a copy of the complaint which was filed on Monday, July 11 to the FEC.

“Eric Schmitt has failed to properly report a swath of in-kind contributions from himself and/or Schmitt for Missouri. Additionally, Schmitt for Senate has failed to report in-kind contributions from Axiom Strategies or Remington Research for polling services,” the complaint reads.

The complaint also details Schmitt’s social media behavior. Schmitt frequently uses the same accounts to promote his U.S. Senate campaign as well as to advertise official business in his role as state attorney general.

They also noted that Schmitt took a trip to the U.S. southern border as part of a campaign stunt. He exploited his role as state attorney general so the taxpayers could cover part of the costs of his expenses, claiming in dubious fashion that the trip was done for the interests of Missouri residents.

“The trip was paid for by the State,” Schmitt’s office spokesman Chris Nuelle said in an email response to the Kansas City Star.

“Securing the border has far reaching national security implications, including in Missouri, and the focus should be on Joe Biden’s failure to secure the border,” he added.

The complaint additionally brings up nefarious connections between Schmitt’s campaign and an infamous Super PAC set up by the GOP establishment to prop up Schmitt’s chances with illicit dark money.

“Save Missouri Values is a Super PAC independently supporting Eric Schmitt’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Schmitt for Senate and the Super PAC behind him, Save Missouri Values, have three common vendors; MGS Consulting, Holloway Consulting, and Gober Group, PLLC,” the complaint reads.

MGS Consulting has received $170,000 from Schmitt for Senate while getting $260,000 from the Save Missouri Values PAC. Schmitt for Senate paid Holloway Consulting over $117,000 while Save Missouri Values PAC paid $16,000 to the same firm. Gaber Group, PLLC has received $36,000 from Schmitt for Senate while soaking up $12,000 from Save Missouri Values PAC.

Schmitt’s activities are an example of how loose campaign finance laws can be abused by unscrupulous candidates and seedy operatives in order to cash out while influencing elections unduly. Schmitt is hoping that these dirty tricks can propel him to the U.S. Senate nomination, but Missouri Republicans are not likely to be fooled. Former Missouri Governor and Navy SEAL Eric Greitens is the clear America First choice in the race.

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