NCGOP Wants to Know if Nefarious Groups are Supporting Dems

George Soros, Creative Commons, Flickr

A GOP representative told Big League Politics that an anti-Trump group may be in violation of North Carolina Board of Election rules regarding disclosure of financial ties to Democratic candidates.

“The Democrats have specific [midterm] races that they want to target, and they are using information from Indivisible – Flip NC,” said Michele Nix, Vice Chair of the North Carolina GOP.

Indivisible is a supposedly grassroots organization that hosts anti-Republican rallies, mostly targeting congressional town hall meetings.

In late 2017, Big League Politics obtained video of several town hall meetings conducted by Rep. Robert Pittenger (R.-NC.) of the 9th District of North Carolina that were interrupted or otherwise sabotaged by angry crowds.

The videos, taken by members of a group called Carolinas For Trump, show members of the crowd wearing Indivisible t-shirts, angrily confronting Pittenger.

“There’s been some things that have been brought to our attention, one of them being that Indivisible – Flip NC, has been helping candidates and doing some fundraising for them, and they have not been filing any State Board of Elections information or campaign reports,” said Nix.

Nix said that a complaint has been filed with the North Carolina Board of Elections, and that the NCGOP is seeking to find out who Indivisible’s donors are, and who the group is involved with.

“We want the donors to be disclosed, and we want to know the people that are behind them,” Nix said.

Nix said that on July 20, members of Indivisible attended a town hall meeting held by North Carolina Rep. Michael D. Speciale, (R.-NC.) and appeared to have manufactured signs and specific talking points regarding certain pieces of legislation.

“It really looked like it was a coordinated effort on behalf of another group, but we’re weren’t quite sure who [the group] was,” she said

“After seeing some of the other town halls that took place with Robert Pittenger, we surmised that they were part of the Indivisible group.”




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