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EXCLUSIVE: Obama Appointed Islamic Society Official To Approve Russian Uranium Sale and Gulftainer Port Deal



The Obama administration placed Aimen Nabi Mir, former two-time president of the youth wing of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), into the top advisory position to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a national security post at the Treasury Department.

Aimen Mir was the CFIUS Staff Chairperson from 2009 until 2014. During that time, Aimen Mir played a key role in the CFIUS panel’s decision to approve the sale of Uranium One to Russia’s Rosatom. Mir also played a key role in the Treasury Department’s refusal to investigate the UAE’s Gulftainer 35-year cargo container terminal lease at Port Canaveral, a critical military infrastructure facility for U.S. naval and space operations. Both decisions severely damaged United States national security.

Aimen Mir helped set the table for Vladimir Putin to seize control of over 20 percent of U.S. uranium and was part of the decision that awarded control of Port Canaveral’s cargo container terminal to Saddam Hussein’s rogue nuclear weapons scientist and designated Iraq War enemy combatant, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar.  Dr. Jafar’s brother and business partner, Gulftainer co-owner Hamid Jafar, was under investigation by the Treasury Department and four congressional committees for his ‘Oil For Superweapons” scheme in concert with Saddam Hussein.

For starters, Aimen Mir’s ISNA connections are troubling. ISNA is one of the largest Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. and was named by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation HAMAS terror funding trial.

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Further, Aimen Mir is the son of Kashmir-born physician Dr. Ghulam Nabi Mir, an ISNA Founders Committee member. Dr. Mir is also the president of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum (WKAF), an Islamic platform Dr. Mir uses to aggressively advocate for Kashmir’s secession from India in order to join Pakistan. WKAF’s Secretary General “Dr.” Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, is a convicted felon, also from Kashmir, who served as a Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) operative inside the United States.

Fai was arrested by the FBI in 2011 for covertly operating as an unregistered foreign agent while receiving $3.5 million dollars in wire transfers from the ISI. Fai used some of that money to fund an elaborate lobbying operation pushing Kashmiri “independence” on unsuspecting U.S. officials who remained seemingly unaware that Pakistan was running the operation. In 2013, Fai was granted early release from U.S. federal prison by the Justice Department.

Like his father’s ISI partner Fai, Aimen Mir appears to have been running his own operation at CFIUS.

Aimen Mir was the CFIUS Staff Chairperson from 2009 until 2014. During Mir’s five years in the staff chairperson’s seat, CFIUS approved Russia’s 2010 purchase of Uranium One, effectively handing Vladimir Putin control of 20 percent of America’s uranium.  Also during Mir’s term, the Treasury Department refused to conduct two legally-required CFIUS investigations of Port Canaveral’s 2014 container terminal lease concession to the UAE’s Gulftainer.

The Gulftainer deal effectively placed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear weapons mastermind, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, along with his longtime Russian KGB/SVR and Iranian regime associates and a UAE Emir inside the wire of a national-security sensitive U.S. port. Gulftainer misrepresented its true ownership; facts that Mir could and should have uncovered easily.

A World Bank International Finance Corporation (IFC) document (now scrubbed from the IFC website) proved that Gulftainer was owned in part by Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, the Emir of Sharjah, UAE.  Under the Foreign Investment National Security Act of 2007 (FINSA), foreign government ownership of an acquiring entity automatically triggers a mandatory CFIUS review, regardless of whether the transaction is a purchase or a lease. Aimen Mir understood CFIUS and FINSA law and chose to ignore it, as did Treasury Secretary Jacob ‘Jack’ Lew and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker.

In 2014 the Treasury Department promoted Aimen Mir to Deputy Assistant Secretary for Investment Security after the Clinton Foundation-connected Uranium One and Gulftainer Port Canaveral deals closed. Mir’s LinkedIn profile and post-Trump administration inauguration posts show he’s still at the Treasury Department, now as a career civil servant.

In Gulftainer’s case, the supposedly-rigorous CFIUS national security review process for direct foreign investment transactions was completely and stunningly bypassed. An email released by Wikileaks implicates Gulftainer and the Clintons in a pay-to-play operation involving the Port Canaveral deal.

Both Uranium One and Gulftainer have deep ties to Russian intelligence, nuclear weapons, and uranium enrichment. Gulftainer has additional ties to the Iranian regime and to the architects of Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal.

Gulftainer executive board chairman Badr Jafar visited the White House in 2014, six weeks before the secretly-negotiated Gulftainer deal was announced, signed, and closed.

According to Aimen Mir’s LinkedIn profile, since graduating from Georgetown in 2000, he never served in any national security position before his CIFIUS chairperson appointment. Mir’s work experience was as an immigration attorney at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP (WilmerHale) representing people from the Middle East seeking asylum in the United States.

CFIUS staff members such as staff chairperson Mir wield tremendous power in the CFIUS process workflow. They conduct research and make recommendations to cabinet-level CFIUS board members or their designated representatives and, through omission, can conceal from those Cabinet members critical national security information about foreign companies looking to invest in U.S.-based operations.

If a CFIUS application is approved before advancing from the 30-day initial review to an additional 45-day investigation involving 16 U.S. intelligence agencies, dangerous deals like Uranium One and Gulftainer deals can fly under the radar of the intelligence community.

According to a 2015 Breitbart report on CFIUS review of the Uranium One deal, “surprisingly the 2009 Annual Report submitted to Congress by CFIUS inaccurately described this approved transaction by stating the company acquiring a minority interest was Canadian rather than Russian.” Breitbart contacted Aimen Mir at the time of that report to ask him if the Uranium One transaction was subjected to a secondary 45-day review but received no response.

The Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States 2015 Annual Report to Congress Public/Unclassified Version, released over a year late, reveals that between 2013 and 2015, there were no covered transactions in the transportation sector involving acquirers from the UAE. In other words, the Treasury Department determined that the Gulftainer deal was not a ‘covered transaction’ and therefore CFIUS did not conduct the required investigation of the deal. That determination was likely made by Aimen Mir and it kept Gulftainer and U.S.- designated enemy combatant Dr. Jafar off the intelligence community’s radar.

The Treasury Department determined that a CFIUS review was not required for Gulftainer’s Port Canaveral deal, according to a 2015 Orlando Sentinel report:

“Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-San Diego, had asked for a formal Treasury Department review of security issues due to a foreign-owned company operating port facilities.

Port spokeswoman Rosalind Harvey said that never happened. “After extensive filing of all required paperwork to U.S. Treasury Department officials, the panel found that no review was required because the agreement was a lease and not a purchase of Port assets,” Harvey said.”

Unfortunately, there is more.

James Rickards, author and former advisor to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) Support Group of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), stated in an October 18, 2017 tweet that Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper “disbanded” the CFIUS DNI advisory group “before Uranium One.”  

It is noteworthy that Director Clapper went before Congress to testify under oath that the NSA, CIA, and other intelligence agencies were not collecting massive amounts of telephonic and Internet metadata on hundreds of millions of innocent American citizens. Revelations by Whistleblower Edward Snowden proved otherwise.

Subsequently Director Clapper was found to have been untruthful and resigned on November 17, 2016, effective the day Donald Trump was sworn in, January 20, 2017. Clapper has not been prosecuted for perjury.

CFIUS rules are clear about what constitutes a ‘covered transaction’:

Considering the post-9/11 national meltdown over the UAE’s Dubai Ports World deal, it is inconceivable that the Gulftainer deal would have received approval without a thorough intelligence review. The Congressional enactment of the Foreign Investment National Security Act of 2007 (FINSA) was designed to heavily reinforce CFIUS in order to prevent a repeat of Dubai Ports world debacle.

The Gulftainer (GT USA) Port Canaveral 35-year concession is subject to CFIUS review because:

  • Gulftainer is responsible for safety and security and makes all substantial business decisions at the Canaveral cargo terminal;
  • Gulftainer oversees day-to-day operation of the Canaveral cargo terminal;
  • Port Canaveral is critical infrastructure for commercial maritime, military sealift, surface naval, submarine naval, commercial space, and military space operations;
  • Gulftainer’s cargo terminal is near four military bases: Two USAF, one USN, and one USCG;
  • Gulftainer’s cargo terminal is near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center;
  • Gulftainer’s cargo terminal is near the Eastern Range, critical for space missions and missile testing;
  • Gulftainer is partly-owned by a foreign government (Ruler of Sharjah, UAE), Iraqis involved in WMD production (Jafar family), possibly other “senior Iraqi military figures,” and in business with Russian Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs).

It is unclear how Aimen Mir was able to obtain a security clearance.


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Pro-Trump Republican Who Defeated Sanford Hit By Oncoming Car On Highway 17



A lawmaker who recently defeated incumbent South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford in a Republican congressional primary earlier this month is recovering from serious injuries after a head-on collision with a vehicle operating in the wrong direction on U.S. Highway 17.

Charleston County Sheriff’s Office reported that Katie Arrington, newly elected South Carolina lawmaker, and a friend identified as Jacqueline Goff of Mandeville, Louisiana, were traveling southbound on U.S. Highway 17 around 9 p.m. Friday night a vehicle headed in the wrong direction struck Arrington’s vehicle head-on. According to Sheriff’s Captain Roger Antonio, the driver of the other vehicle died on the scene.

Katie Arrington, Summerville Republican underwent surgery to remove portions of her colon and her small intestines as well as having sustained a back fracture, and broken ribs. She is recovering in a local Charleston-area hospital said spokesperson for Arrington, Michael Mule. Her friend, Jacqueline Goff was also seriously injured and is recovering today.

Mule said Arrington would need several more surgeries, as well as a stent to repair the partial collapse of the primary artery in her legs which will require her to remain in the hospital for at least two weeks. Mule reported to news outlets that Arrington was alert and talking on Saturday morning.

In a statement released to the press, Mule said “Katie asks for your continued prayers for the deceased and the deceased’s family, as well as prayers for a quick recovery for Katie and her friend.”

A statement was also released on the official Katie Arrington Facebook page asking for prayers and support:

Arrington’s recent win over “Never-Trumper” Sanford made national headlines as well as Arrington securing Trump’s support hours before the primary ballot. Arrington was vocal of her support of Trump throughout her campaign and used Sanford’s criticism as a cornerstone of her campaign.

“I fully endorse Katie Arrington for Congress in SC, a state I love,” tweeted Trump ahead of the primary. “She is tough on crime and will continue our fight to lower taxes. VOTE Katie!”

Trump later reportedly mocked Mark Sanford at a meeting with House Republicans: “ I want to congratulate Mark on a great race.”

This morning, the president tweeted sending his thoughts and prayers to the lawmaker as well as her friend and their families.

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Clinton Donor Clare Bronfman ‘Expects To Be Indicted’ In Sex Cult Child-Trafficking Case



Hillary Clinton presidential campaign donor Clare Bronfman, heiress to the Seagrams fortune, “expects to be indicted by late July” in the NXIVM sex cult case.

NXIVM leaders Keith Raniere and “Smallville” actress Allison Mack were arrested in Mexico and stand trial for human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and other crimes. Raniere is being held without bail while Mack is in the custody of her parents with an ankle bracelet. Bronfman, who oversaw the group’s experiments on women and children at their secretive “Rainbow Cultural Center,” is expected to be charged.

Charles Hurt reported that in the spring of 2007, “executives and top associates…along with their family members” of NXIVM donated $29,900 to the Hillary Clinton 2008 presidential campaign.

Kirsten Gillibrand has also taken money from the group’s high-profile socialite member Bronfman, and her father actually worked for the cult.

The group’s former publicist and foremost whistleblower Frank Parlato tells Big League Politics that Bronfman is preparing herself for prosecution.

Parlato tells BLP that Raniere “believes himself to be Lucifer.”

“I worked as the publicist,” Frank Parlato told Big League Politics. “We ran into a major disagreement and we split. At the time I worked for them I thought they were a little peculiar but it wasn’t until the end that I realized they were a downright evil group.”

“There are women on the record who are now adults who have accused Raniere of statutory rape and there are some very suspicious incidents where Mexican girls came under the perimeters of Raniere’s control and left under suspicious circumstances. They came from Chihuahua Mexico. I reported this to the authorities,” Parlato said.


Parlato described the bizarre human experiments that Raniere and his benefactors the Bronfman sisters oversaw at the Rainbow Cultural Garden, where they separated children from their parents. Dr. Porter is identified as Raniere’s human experiments chief.

“They do the human fright experiments where they subject women to surprise graphic viewings” similar to A Clockwork Orange, Parlato said.

“The most diabolical experiments that he conducts are experiments where babies are subjected to a constant succession of strangers who take care of them instead of their parents, and the strangers teach them foreign languages,” Parlato said.

“The cult members’ children, they are pressured to give up their children to Raniere. They pay $10,000 to Raniere for the privilege of having Raniere teach them how to speak.”

Seven different nannies would spend time with the children each day and speak seven different languages, rendering the children illiterate, confused, and permanently intellectually damaged.

“Adults are shellshocked now having been through this,” Parlato said.

“The children are housed with their parents and then the children either go to a school, Rainbow School, or the nannies who were sex slaves come to the house,” he said. “The courses run for 6 months to 7 years or so, at which point Raniere alleges the young child’s brain is most susceptible to these different languages and cultures. They get them right at 6 months and the program has only been around for (a few years) so there’s only a limited number of parents.”

Gillibrand’s family

“Her father Doug Rutnik came to work as a consultant for NXIVM…he was fired, they sued him, and they had to pay him $100,000,” Parlato said, referring Gillibrand’s father.

“Her father’s wife, her stepmother, was also a member of NXIVM…Doug got her into the cult, Gillibrand’s father got Gillibrand’s future stepmother into the cult. Doug left the cult because he was sued. Clare Bronfman after her father was sued donated money to Gillibrand. Gillibrand accepted it.”

“One is inclined to call her a liar,” Parlato says of Gillibrand.

“The Clintons got a lot of money from NXIVM, NXIVM members, one of their main NXIVM members was a guy named Richard Mays, he encouraged Clinton to indict their enemies, to use their political influence in Arkansas to indict enemies of Raniere,” Parlato said….

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NEW VEGAS FOOTAGE: Exclusive Analysis From Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer breaks down police actions taken in the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre.



On Wednesday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released the 6th round of released information related to the October 1 shooting massacre on June 13th. The release came a day after Sherriff Joe Lombardo retained his position as Clark County Sherriff by majority vote rule.

This rule falls under Nevada State law where nonpartisan municipal races can be decided in a primary if a candidate received more than 50 percent of the votes.

A day prior to the election, an exclusive report revealed details of an email sent by Sheriff Joe Lombardo to all employees in the LVMPD department warning of the upcoming body camera footage release and what details would be divulged.

The email stated that the footage had been redacted in accordance with the Order of the District Court, however it did not allow for redaction of personal conversation or text messages that were displayed on cell phones.

CAUTION: This is footage taken immediately in the aftermath of a mass shooting. Viewer discretion is advised.

[bc_video video_id=”5800356908001″ account_id=”5766826440001″ player_id=”default” embed=”in-page” padding_top=”56%” autoplay=”” min_width=”0px” max_width=”640px” width=”100%” height=”100%”]


There were 28 video files of body worn camera footage released, along with 500 audio files. The body worn camera video files range in length of time from as short as approximately 15 seconds such as #20, which was also previously released on May 2, 2018.  This video is of Officer Newton’s body camera as it came loose and went tumbling down the stairwell shortly before the room 32-135 breach. The longest video file is a little over 2 hours long.

There was no explanation given on the varying length of each video, or why there is no continuous coverage of what took place that night, as most officer reports reflect all were on duty covering multiple assignments related to the shooting well into the following day.

As the night unfolds in the varying angles of the body cameras, the terror, confusion, and panic is very surreal. As police rush to the scene, they are faced with incredible challenges while trying to assess the scene, identifying which victims need life-saving medical intervention, all while frantically searching where the shooter or shooters were located.

Many police officers, first responders, and civilians were proven to be heroes that night as their efforts to save lives were captured on this footage. Some of those moments are shown in the following videos, however viewer discretion is advised. Some of the language and images may be disturbing for some viewers.

In Body Cam #15, two officers rush to the scene as they are made aware of the shooting over the radio. There are multiple alerts sounding over their radio, along with alarmed broadcasts of an active shooter in the concert venue, “Units be advised, it is automatic fire, fully automatic fire coming from an elevated position. Take cover.”

They arrive, weapons drawn, and are met with injured concert goers and the sounds of gunshots ringing in the air. They are approached with a victim who is in desperate need of immediate medical attention, with a gunshot wound to the head. Without hesitation, they immediately rush the injured woman to their vehicle to transport her to UMC (University Medical Center of Southern Nevada), in a valiant attempt to save her life.

In video #27, there are a few silent moments as the initial sound appears to be disabled, you see a couple of uniformed officers inside the concert venue, interacting with concert goers and enjoying the concert. In a matter of seconds, there is a large commotion in the crowd behind them, and then chaos ensues. The officers immediately respond by moving towards the danger, courageously trying to identify the location of the threat.

As the officers maneuver through the terrified screams, gunfire continues to ring through the air. The officer wearing the body camera comes across an injured woman and assists in moving her to safety and medical attention by carrying her over his shoulders with the help other concert goers. He rushes to the aid of another more seriously wounded victim located in this area, using a belt as a tourniquet, loading the victim into their vehicle and rushing to the hospital.

In body cam #8, the imminent threat of that night is undeniable while watching this footage. The officers are again rushing to the scene, listening to the radio updates of multiple gunshot victims and continuous gunfire. As they hear reports of the shots coming from The Mandalay Bay, they drive directly into the line of fire.

As the vehicle approaches, you can hear the shots echoing in the background. There seems to be gunfire from a distance, and then more shots fired in their immediate vicinity. A group of police officers take cover behind their vehicles as bullets rain down on the street and the venue, screams of possible victims heard. The camera cuts off unexpectedly at 5 minutes, 47 seconds. It is unknown why the camera footage was cut off.

Another body camera that seems to cut off rather suddenly is #3, with only a duration of 1 minute and 1 second. The officer wearing the body cam seems to be inside the medical tent which was in the concert venue, located near Gate 4A. You can see another officer in the medical tent with him, along with a woman that seems to be handcuffed in a chair. As the door opens and you can hear the gunfire. There is no reaction seen by either officer, security, or concert goers located in the tent, indicating that the shots had just started.

In video #1, officers arrive to an area near The Mandalay Bay in order to stage and form their strike teams. It appears the body cam may be worn by a newer officer, as he struggles to hook up his gear. Dozens of officers form lines and are assigned numbers for their teams. While waiting in line, the officer wearing the camera engages in a conversation with another officer about what radio communication they should be using. He also questions if a teammate has a rifle, stating after this event “they will make it mandatory”, saying “they kept pushing it off until something *** bad happens”. The inference refers to the need for rifle training prior to being able to carry one in the line of duty.

The longest video of the latest release, video #2, is a little over 2 hours. While this camera cuts off unexpectedly as all the others, it showcases some incredibly brave civilians alongside law enforcement officers who do not hesitate to stay behind amidst mass gunfire to assist those in need.  The first 15 minutes of the body camera view is obstructed by the nylon vest the police officer is wearing, however the location of the officer inside the venue is apparent with the sounds of panic and terror piercing the night as you hear the rapid fire. The view becomes unobstructed and there are dozens of people crouching in fear all over the ground. This two-man team is separated as they maneuver through the crowd trying to provide help and protection where they are able.

The officer with the bodycam is approached by several concert goers, some who are off duty first responders and law enforcement, who are more than willing to stay and put themselves in harm’s way to help the wounded and assist in a plan for the fatalities and evacuations. There is a heart wrenching scene of putting a wounded victim into a wheelbarrow to get him out of the venue quickly. A group of officers gather together in the venue and formulate a plan to clear the venue.

You can almost feel the anxiety and concern as you observe the officers and their actions. The emotions they had to deal with outside of their own was a heroic job in and of itself. And when the burden seems to overwhelm them for a moment, there are brave civilians right by their sides to support them, provide water, and continue to help despite the risk.

In this same video, law enforcement officers are tasked with moving the performers from the concert and their families from their tour busses to a safe location, to include a baby. You can hear the officer say, “If there is fire, give me the baby, I can put them under my vest”. Another 4-man team was in contact with Jason Aldean and his crew for evacuation from his tour bus. Concern and frustration rose to the surface as the plan for moving the performer and his team was discussed due to lack of rank and experience on behalf of the lead in charge of the evacuation.

Towards the end of the video, you can hear the officer call a loved one to let them know he is okay. True heroism is shown here as this man in his uniform sheds a tear for those who lost their lives that night, yet fights through his emotion to get back to work to continue to protect and serve. His body camera comes to an end shortly after, without any evidence of turning the camera off or equipment default.

In many of the videos you can hear references to difficulty getting on a radio channel, confusion on what channel communication was on, lack of training for weapons needed to face events such as this, and apparent lack of organization and leadership in evacuation and emergency/disaster plans, which may have contributed to the time lapse in a plan of action in entering the shooter’s room sooner, all of which fall on proper leadership.  Yet, despite these many challenges, the body camera clips released give the public a chance to see the incredible effort by both first responders and civilians alike.

There are many stories of heroism and bravery yet to tell as we continue to bring you full unedited footage of additional videos released from that night, as well as the unexplainable attempts to prevent any footage from being seen.

This is an ongoing series covering the October 1 Las Vegas shooting event and we will continue to keep you updated.

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