Exclusive: Maxine Water’s challenger Omar Navarro tells BLP ‘If Trump can do it, I can do it’

Omar Navarro (Courtesy)

A congressional hopeful from California told Big League Politics that he is optimistic about his groundswell of support as he looks to unseat a longtime congresswoman in November.

“Every day I grow more confident,” said Omar Navarro, a 28-year-old political outsider from Inglewood.

Navarro is running against Rep. Maxine M. Waters (D.-Calif.) in California’s 43rd congressional district. Waters has been a congresswoman since 1991.

The candidate, who has a large social media presence, said that President Donald J. Trump was his inspiration for running. He feels like an underdog, similar to Trump.

“If Trump can do it, I can do it,” Navarro said.

“Not only did Maxine Waters acknowledge my candidacy a whole year before the election, she called for my investigation in December, which shows that she feels threatened by me,” said Navarro.

Navarro said that Waters called for a forgery investigation into a document that he shared on Twitter, which he says he did not write, but only shared.

While recognizing that Waters has something of an advantage being so well-established, Navarro said that his campaign has raised $200,000, and has a growing group of volunteers and supporters.

He is facing three primary opponents, all of whom have declared candidacy with less than $10,000 to spend.

The Rebuilding America Now PAC, which was instrumental in the 2016 Trump campaign, has also pledged its support for Navarro.

“When you run for Congress, you are not just representing your district, you are representing all Americans,” he said.

Navarro said that his opponent is unhinged and that her policies are not beneficial to the public at large.

On that note, Navarro said that he is wary of giving citizenship to all of the estimated 800,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, which Congress is expected to decide on as part of the budget deal before the Jan. 19 deadline.

His opponent has publicly stated her support citizenship of all DACA recipients.

Navarro said that he is not in favor of mass deportation of DACA recipients, but rather considering them individually for citizenship based on how they have assimilated into American society, and after they have gone through the immigration process as legal immigrants would.

“We are not going to give them the right to vote after coming here through illegal means and not learning what it means to be an American.”

Watch Omar Navarro talk about his run for Congress here:


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