Exclusive from Roger Stone: Rep. Adam Schiff pushing next Cali Democratic sex scandal

Roger Stone (File Photo)

The private advisor to President Donald J. Trump and GOP operative, who broke the story that Sen. Alan S. “Al” Franken would be the center of a scandal, told Big League Politics that the next scandal on the left, will break out from California Democrats in the midst of intramural conflicts.

“You’re going to have a massive scandal within the California Democratic Party,” said Roger Stone, who serves as the Social Media Coach for Big League Politics.

“Sen. Tony Mendoza, who is a long-time labor hack, has assaulted a number of women, and Senate President Kevin A. de Leon, who is running against Dianne Feinstein in the primary, has covered up,” he said.

The story that is now breaking in the California media is being pushed by Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), the congressman on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, who has been beating the drum for the Russian collusion narrative, he said.

“Schiff assumed that Feinstein was not going to run again and he felt that he was the heir apparent,” he said. “When she decided to run again, the progressives were unhappy, which is why DeLeon jumped into the race.”

Schiff’s calculus is that if de Leon wins the Senate seat, he will have it for the rest of his life–just as it is could be held for one more term by the now 84-year-old Feinstein, he said.

Stone said he had no special knowledge about the scandal surrounding the sexually-tinged behavior of Franken.

“I had a source,” Stone said. “My source was within the Fox organization.”

Stone said he does not know and he has never met Tweeden or people associated with her.

“I find it kind of laughable that people on the left now say that the fact that Roger Stone reported this means that it is all orchestrated,” he said. “I think her claims stand on their own and I tend to believe her and the fact that she has a photograph, puts her in a pretty strong position.”

Franken has a serious problem, he said. “He can’t go back to comedy–he’s not funny–never was funny.”

The former aide to President Richard M. Nixon said this he is happy that there is now a national movement to support survivors of sexual aggression.

“There is a very substantial difference between consensual sex and non-consensual sex,” he said.

“The fact that Bill Clinton had a distasteful, but consensual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, I thought did not rise to the level of impeachment, frankly,” he said.

The media has routinely conflated Clinton’s mistresses and his sexual assaults into one category: “Indiscretions,” he said.

What this does is give the cover to Clinton’s sexual crimes, he said.

As for Clinton selling American nuclear secrets to China in exchange for campaign contributions?

“On the other hand, that is what he should have been impeached for,” he said.

Stone said the mainstream media, and in particular, feminist-leaning outlets, have come out recently with items more generous to Clinton’s victims, not because they are now more credible, but because the left recognizes that as long as the Clinton’s are one of the main faces for the Democratic Party, the party will not be able to grow again.

“The Clinton’s are damaged goods,” he said.

“To be as clear as I possibly can: The American people hate Hillary Clinton,” he said.

“They don’t like her. They don’t trust her. They don’t think that she is real,” Stone said. “The fact that 53 percent of white women voted for Trump means they got the message: She covered up her husband’s assaults on women. She was an active participant. She ran the coverup. She’s the one who hired Jack Palladino, the heavy-handed private detective, who threatened Kathleen Wiley.”

Stone said he was not surprised that Harvey Weinstein also hired Palladino to go after his accusers.

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