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EXCLUSIVE: Roy Moore to Sue The New Yorker for Defamation



Judge Roy Moore, who narrowly lost the 2017 Alabama U.S. Senate Special Election, plans to sue The New Yorker for defamation for falsely claiming that he had been banned from the Gadsden Mall in the 1980’s.

Johnny Davis, a former criminal defense attorney who currently runs an international and Constitutional law consulting firm, told Big League Politics by email that Moore plans to sue the magazine after his defamation suit against Highway 31, the Democratic Super PAC that funded anti-Moore billboards claiming he had been banned from the mall. Davis actively worked on cases when Moore was the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, and knows the Judge personally.

According to Davis, The New Yorker ran the story “after the Mall Manger [sic] and Security Manager during the period in question denounced the story as entirely false.”

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“This past weekend, I spoke or messaged with more than a dozen people—including a major political figure in the state—who told me that they had heard, over the years, that Moore had been banned from the mall because he repeatedly badgered teen-age girls,” the magazine said on Nov. 13, 2017. “Some say that they heard this at the time, others in the years since. These people include five members of the local legal community, two cops who worked in the town, several people who hung out at the mall in the early eighties, and a number of former mall employees.”

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Moore has always maintained his innocence in the face of the allegations against him. His primary accuser, Leigh Corfman, who the Judge is also suing for defamation, has never signed a sworn affidavit declaring that Moore sexually abused her. Instead, she only spoke with reporters at The Washington Post. 

“What we have to believe [in order] to believe Corfman’s story is that essentially Roy Moore grew up behaving himself, went to West Point and showed exemplary character there, served in Vietnam, went to law school, started practicing, in his early 30’s was a sexual predator for a while, and then was never a sexual predator again,” Davis told Big League Politics in an earlier phone interview.

“That’s not how it works,” he continued. “You don’t have an isolated year, 40 years ago of sexually predatory behavior. The pathology does not work that way.”

Davis also noted Corfman’s claim that the pair had a relationship of a sexual nature, but never had intercourse. The statute of limitations has run on any potential crimes with which Corfman could press charges against Moore. If she had claimed that the pair had had intercourse, he said, the statute of limitations would not have run. She would still be able to press charges against him to this day, and would have to face questions as to why she has not done so.

In that vein, Davis also said that it is highly implausible that an alleged sexual predator would act in a predatory nature, but stop acting in that nature before having intercourse with his victim.

Looking at all the facts together, Davis said that Corfman’s story simply does not add up, and that she likely will not be able to face cross-examination without perjuring herself.

For their part, The New Yorker followed up their pre-election piece about the alleged mall ban with a satirical piece claiming that Moore was headed to the Gadsden Mall to “cheer himself up” after his election loss.

The Judge might just get the last laugh.

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Louie Gohmert Blames Mask Usage for COVID-19 Diagnosis, Plans to Take Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Virus

The mask may have caused him to catch the Chinavirus.



Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19, which the fake news media has attributed to his lack of using a face mask.

However, Gohmert says he tested positive for the disease after complying with mask mandates more than ever. He feels the mask usage did not protect him from getting the virus and may have even contributed to it.

He told reporters that it is “ironic” that he would catch COVID-19 now “because a lot of people have made a big deal out of my not wearing a mask a whole lot, but in the last week or two I have worn a mask more than I have in the whole last four months.”

“I can’t help but wonder if by keeping a mask on and keeping it in place, if I might have put some germs, some of the virus on the mask and breathed it in,” Gohmert said.

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Democrats are chiding Gohmert because he has talked against lockdown policies, mask mandates, and more overreach implemented because of COVID-19 mass hysteria.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that she is “sorry for my members, who are concerned because he has been showing up at meetings without a mask and making a thing of it.”

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) added that he is “concerned about the irresponsible behavior of many of the Republicans who have chosen to consistently flout well-established public health guidance perhaps out of fealty to their boss, Donald Trump, who is the head of the anti-mask movement in America.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the mass hysteria has caused Americans to turn on their heritage of freedom and liberty to support forcible unconstitutional mandates:

A new poll from Morning Consult/Politico reveals that a solid majority of Americans support a mask mandate that would implement fines of jail time for those that refuse to wear masks in public places.

The asks registered voters if they’d support a mandated implemented by their state government. 72% of of responding registered voters stated that they’d “strongly” or “somewhat” support a state-implemented mask mandate that is punishable by jail time or fines.

The poll asked the following question.

Based on what you know about the COVID-19 pandemic (coronavirus), would you support or oppose your state instituting a face mask mandate in public spaces, where not wearing a mask could be punishable by fine or jail time?

Curiously, Baby Boomers, one of America’s most conservative voting demographics, support a mask mandate most strenuously. 78% of Boomers support the mask mandate. Millennials (68%) and Generation Z (63%) support it the least, although wide majorities still do.

Democrats support the mask mandate in almost unanimous fashion, with 86% of them supporting it. A solid majority of Republicans support mandatory masks as well, with a majority of 58%.

There simply is widespread public support for wearing a mask and taking limited measures to deter the spread of coronavirus in the United States. Republicans and conservatives risk alienating such popular sentiment at their own electoral peril.

Gohmert plans to take hydroxychloroquine in order to treat COVID-19 and fend off potential symptoms.

“My doctor and I are all in, and I got a text just before I came on from a dear friend, [a] doctor, who just found out he had it, and he said he started a HCQ [hydroxychloroquine] regimen, too,” Gohmert said while appearing on Fox News.

“I got a tiny little taste of what you and the president get every day,” Gohmert said to host Sean Hannity, “The left went nuts.”

Gohmert hopes to be among the 99.7 percent of coronavirus sufferers who recover from the disease.

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