EXCLUSIVE: Steve Scalise: Being Shot Solidified My Belief In The Second Amendment

House Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise said that his near-fatal 2017 shooting only further affirmed his strong belief in the Second Amendment.

“What I went through further solidified my strong belief in the Second Amendment. All of us who were on the ball field that day are fortunate that armed people were there to stop the attacker,” Scalise told Big League Politics.

“Every law-abiding American has the Constitutional right to protect themselves and their families from criminals. Disarming law-abiding Americans does not solve the problem, and with everything we are learning about failures at so many levels of government, it’s no wonder why law-abiding Americans feel strongly about the need to exercise their individual right to bear arms,” Scalise said.

“I will work hard to take action that actually solves problems so we can keep our schools and communities safe, while also standing with law-abiding Americans against any attempt to take away their constitutionally protected rights,” Scalise said.

Big League Politics caught up with Rep. Scalise at the U.S. Capitol:

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