EXCLUSIVE TEXT: David Hogg Confirms His Body Guards Were Armed in NYC

Big League Politics spoke exclusively today to the teenage face of gun control who has become a household name in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that killed 17 in Parkland, FL.

In his text response, David Hogg confirms that his body guards were indeed armed with guns.

Hogg, 18, was spotted in New York City with a retinue of security guards and publicists as he made his way to a Barnes and Noble bookstore to promote his new book, “#NeverAgain: A New Generation Draws the Line,” which he co-authored with his sister Laura.

Many news outlets speculated on whether or not Hogg’s body guards were armed, but none has confirmed it with the anti-gun activist himself.

BLP reached out to Hogg to see if he recognized his own hypocrisy of utilizing armed guards and he confirmed the speculation.

“The people alongside me were trained specialists that had gone through training with their weapons and were at all times being held accountable for their actions while armed,” Hogg said. “Our entire message is pro-second amendment, and if you take the time to look at the policies on our website, our message aligns completely with security officers carrying small arms to protect people who have been threatened by gun owners.”

We followed up with two questions. The first was whether teachers with special training should be allowed to carry weapons to protect their students. If special training is the threshold for carrying a weapon as Hogg suggests, then we should all be in agreement: training teachers to carry in schools will make children safer, just as Hogg’s trained bodyguards made him safer.

The second was whether Hogg’s message is actually “pro-Second Amendment” as he says. Hogg suggested that only those with training should be able to carry a weapon. Specifically, we asked him what he thought of Constitutional Carry laws passed in several states. Constitutional Carry laws dictate that special training is not necessary to purchase or carry a weapon, and that bearing arms is a fundamental American right granted by God and protected by the Second Amendment without restrictions that people like Hogg would like to implement.

Hogg did not respond to BLP’s follow-up questions.

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