EXCLUSIVE: TPUSA Security Gave Suspicious Leftists Free Pass at UCLA After Threatening America First Patriot

More important details are coming out about the Turning Point USA event at UCLA that featured Don Trump Jr. One America First patriot threatened by security shares what it was actually like to be in attendance and offers advice to others in this exclusive for Big League Politics.

An air of demoralization hung low in Moore Hall at UCLA on Sunday, even after many of the hundreds in attendance booed alongside the scores of America First nationalists, when it was announced that the standard Q&A was canceled.

It wasn’t until after the event that many realized the cancellation effectively handed them a clean victory in this latest battle in the “Groyper Wars.”

One attendee, however, rescued the spirit of his fellow dissidents at possibly the lowest point of the event. Don Trump Jr. was retelling the Jussie Smollet hoax story when an untimely guffaw cracked through the audience’s polite chuckling.

In pure Joker style, which can be viewed here, this man’s laughter intensified into outright howling before security came up to him. More on that in a moment.

“I did the Joker laugh spontaneously, as a way of deflating the tension we were feeling in the moment,” Michael Christmas told Big League Politics.

“The energy was much stronger in the room after that,” he continued in a Twitter private message. “Sometimes the best weapon (especially against someone who takes themselves too seriously) is petty, silly mockery.”

“It’s part of Trump’s strategy, and I took it right from his playbook,” Christmas said.

Joker laughing restored levity back to the hall, but it also exposed the skittish TPUSA security.

“This is your first and last warning,” a TPUSA volunteer can be heard saying on video.

Eager to remove anyone critical of fake conservatism, this same security force all but ignored a very suspicious woman and her cameraman standing in the back of the room. She wore what looked like a grim reaper or Scream costume without the mask, a low quality material made to present as Islamic garb.

She routinely interrupted the event for extended periods, applauding communism and the name of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and shrieking “pussy grabber 2020” obviously to provoke an outraged response. Trump, Guilfoyle, and Kirk all gave her exactly what she wanted, to the delight of most of the older attendees.

As this transpired, some attendees raised their voices to express concern that this woman was planted in order to give the event a patina of credibility.

A half-hour was all Kirk could stand, however. Off mic, he can be clearly seen telling Don Jr. that it was time to wrap things up.

The abrupt end to the event was met with roaring boos, and some attendees were bewildered and annoyed.

“I was cussed out and flipped off by angry boomer grandmas in MAGA hats who were obviously there to worship Don Jr and had no idea what we were all about,” Christmas told BLP. “I felt bad for them because it’s not their fault and we’re not against them at all.”

But once the room emptied, the mood turned brighter as attendees shook hands and socialized IRL.

“I made some very solid new connections and felt encouraged by the sense of vigor and excitement in all the brothers who attended,” Christmas told BLP.

While this TPUSA campus tour is winding down, other speakers series, debates, and conferences are popping up. Going forward, according to sources, the strategy is to continue asking questions, mostly focused on demographic change and mass migration, as well as exposure of fake conservatism espoused by would-be gatekeepers.

“They can only succeed if we don’t shine light on them,” Christmas said.