Exclusive: Trump National Diversity Council’s Bruce LeVell tells BLP Trump ‘Keeping it real’

Bruce LeVell is the executive director of the National Diversity Council for Trump (Big League Politics composite by Neil W. McCabe)

The executive director of the National Diversity Council for Trump told Big League Politics at a sit-down interview in the lobby of Washington’s Trump International Hotel that he continues to support President Donald J. Trump.

“The Donald Trump that I supported and will always support is still who he is from the first day I met him,” said Dunwoody, Georgia businessman Bruce LeVell, who was also a candidate for the special election for his states 6th Congressional District.

Watch Bruce LeVell speak with Big League Politics about President Donald J. Trump at Washington’s Trump International Hotel:

LeVell was one of the president’s guest at the White House signing of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday proclamation, along with King’s nephew Issac Newton Farris Jr. and campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson.

In his conversations about King and his legacy, LeVell said the president admires most of all the slain civil rights leader’s fortitude.

“He said, ‘He had big cojones,’ and he did to stand in the storm,” LeVell said. “You know, one thing about the president, regardless of your passion or what you do, he is very attractive to strong leadership with others–if you are a strong leader, or a strong person? He loves that.”

Trump does not like whiners and crybabies, he said.

LeVell said he hears people say that the president should moderate his style of speaking or get off of Twitter, but he disagrees. “I say: Let it flow.”

The owner of Dunwoody Diamonds he is afraid that people do not appreciate the value of a president, who is a straight-shooter.

“He needs–as we say in black culture–‘to keep it real’ and President Trump keeps it real and I think it is very healthy,” he said.

This Tweet shows LeVell with Issac Newton Farris Jr. and Alveda King on Air Force One with President Donald J. Trump:


LeVelle was with the president Jan. 8, when he signed an executive order, which upgraded the status of the King’s home as a national park and expanded the park’s area, to allow the National Park Service more space to manage the site.

After the president signed the executive order on Air Force One, LeVell joined the president at the National College Football Championships and the two men talked about how to help the black community on the ride over the Mercedez-Benz Stadium.

“He was like: ‘Hey, guys? You want a ride and come to the game?’ I was like: ‘Yeah, sure.’ So, we just into ‘The Beast’ limo and we rode over to the game–about a 30-minute commute from Dobbins Air Force Base to the stadium.”

During the limo ride over to the game, the president told LeVell that he hopes that the Auburn Street neighborhood around the King site does well, he said. “He has that developer’s mind. It’s always churning and looking at things.”

Bruce LeVell with his daughter Leah, who now works in the Trump administration. (Photo courtesy of Bruce LeVell’s Facebook page)

King’s niece and pro-life advocate Alveda King was also in the SUV, LaVell said.

“How about that black unemployment,” he said the president called out to her. “She told him back: ‘Mr. President, when there are jobs and opportunities, there is no crime. There’s no drama.'”

LeVell said the president then told everyone riding with him that he is committed to opening up business opportunities for African-Americans–and made a point that African-American women are at the forefront of starting new businesses.

“A lot of presidents, they really push that,” he said. “They always push: jobs-jobs-jobs, especially when they are speaking to the minority community. President Trump, he says, ‘Yes, jobs,’ and ‘Yes, you can build your own business. Yes, you can get a small business loan.'”

Under Trump, the Small Business Administration has become more open to giving minority entrepreneurs loans and other assistance, he said. “He wants to see that pushed even stronger.”

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