EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Describes How the Feds Attempted to Coerce Testimony From Witnesses in Roger Stone Case

A whistleblower caught up in the federal investigation of veteran political operative Roger Stone has come forward to Big League Politics to explain the abusive tactics that went into building the case against the long-time associate of President Donald Trump.

According to Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys, he was called into Washington D.C. by federal authorities under false pretenses to give testimony. Tarrio learned that the feds wanted to bring him in for questioning while attending Conservative Political Action Conference in 2019. A couple of weeks later in mid-March, he would find himself back in the nation’s capitol to sit in front of a federal grand jury.

Tarrio told Big League Politics that the feds gave their word that they would put him up in a hotel room after flying him to D.C. while reimbursing him for all of his accommodations, including time missed at work. They instead stuck him with the bill and cost him thousands of dollars for a proceeding that turned out to be just another pointless fishing expedition in the Russia-gate farce, according to Tarrio.

Tarrio consulted his attorney before meeting with the feds. His lawyer said that if he told the truth at all times that he should have nothing to worry about. The questioning was primarily related to a controversial post about presiding United States District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee to the bench, made on Roger Stone’s Instagram.

“Through legal trickery Deep State hitman Robert Mueller has guaranteed that my upcoming show trial is before Judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointed Judge who dismissed the Benghazi charges against Hillary Clinton and incarcerated Paul Manafort prior to his conviction for any crime,” Stone wrote in a post that was determined to be a death threat by the feds.

When he entered the federal facilities, Tarrio described briefly encountering special counsel Robert Mueller, who glanced at him with a “crooked smile” as they passed by each other. Tarrio had the feeling that Mueller knew exactly who he was and that is when it hit him that he was now embroiled in the Russia-gate fiasco.

After walking through the facility, Tarrio met with Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Marando, who would later go on to quit the case after his request for Stone to receive a Draconian sentence was overruled. Marando briefly questioned Tarrio in the hallway before he was ushered into a waiting room where he would be questioned further.

Marando and another agent interrogated Tarrio about the offending Instagram post. They commented on Tarrio’s two phones and asked him for both of his numbers, which he declined to give. After engaging in some small talk in an attempt to loosen him up, Tarrio believes that the feds attempted to lead him into giving up information on other Stone associates.

“Within this little circle of people that got caught up in this is Jacob Engels, Tyler [Ziolkowski], this individual and myself because we have all had access to Stone’s phone at this point,” Tarrio explained – keeping one individual’s name redacted due to doxing concerns.

“Within the same conversation we were having, they have already told me that they know it was Stone who posted it, and I told them I don’t know, then they told me this individual posted it, and I say, ‘Listen, I’m going to repeat myself I don’t know, but why did you just say that it was two different people? Are we talking about two different posts here?’ He deflected to another question at that point and changed the subject,” Tarrio added.

Tarrio suspected that the feds wanted him to give up information about that unnamed individual that could possibly be used for additional charges. He refused to play the feds’ game, and afterward, they began asking him about his associations with the Proud Boys. Tarrio stonewalled them because his association with the group, which is protected under the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, had nothing to do with the case.

The feds continued on with their questioning about Stone and whether or not Tarrio had observed him participating in any illegal activity. His patience was beginning to run thin at this point with the dog-and-pony show.

“They asked me if I had any information I should give them about Stone,” Tarrio explained. “I told them that if they knew the size of Roger Stone’s balls, they would probably need to enlarge the f**king door frames in the court house.” The feds were not amused by his colorful response.

Tarrio testified before a grand jury, which was seemingly filled with Democrat operatives, and noted that the prosecutors referred to Stone’s Instagram post about the corruption actions of Judge Berman as if it was a cut-and-dried death threat. He believes prosecutors unduly influenced the grand jury by never examining the context of Stone’s post or examining the actual intent behind it.

Tarrio could not give any specific details about the grand jury because the investigation into this particular matter could still be ongoing, and he believes the deep state is still looking for scalps. He also recalled that a fed told him he could talk freely about what happened at the grand jury proceeding, advice that Tarrio believes was not given in good faith and could land him in jail. He described Marando’s ominous threat before he left the building.

“He asked me when I felt cornered that if I value my life out of prison that I better be certain that every noun and verb that came out of my mouth is true,” Tarrio said. He believes this was a boast that the feds would attempt to do to Tarrio what they did to Stone and nail him on a technicality.

“When they put me in that room, I felt they were pressuring me to say something. They put two names in my head to get me to talk about those people. At no time did I say who made the Instagram post. There was no reason for me to do be there unless they were trying to find another person who posted it, but to my recollection, Stone said to the Judge that he made the post,” Tarrio said.

Tarrio thinks the feds staged the ordeal to garner media attention of the so-called death threat and further bias the jury against Stone. He is appalled by the coercive and misleading tactics used by prosecutors. He believes their misleading and incorrect information was used to set a possible perjury trap so they could have another number to point toward in their senseless witch hunt against President Trump and his supporters.

“They needed bread for their f**king circus,” Tarrio explained. “They needed to sway the opinion of these jurors.”

Tarrio believes that President Donald Trump must intervene with a pardon immediately or the feds will pull another Jeffrey Epstein so to speak and Stone will end up dead behind bars.

“If it’s to free Roger Stone, I’ll walk to Washington D.C. a thousand times because that’s an injustice that is going on,” he said.

“What they are doing to him is trying to kill him. He went against the system, and they’re trying to kill him. They are trying to put him in jail right now with the coronavirus outbreak. They let out Cohen, and they let out Avenatti. This tells me that the system is putting people in prison that are supporters of the President,” he added.

“I won’t be surprised that in a year, or two years from now, that I have the feds knocking on my door with some trumped up charge,” Tarrio said.

With Tarrio’s testimony only adding to the mountain of evidence showing that Stone was railroaded, President Trump must pardon him as well as and other political prisoners to remedy the tremendous damage done to the rule of law by the Russia-gate witch hunt.

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