Expert: Big Tech’s Censorship Crackdown Will Create More Lone Wolf Terrorism

Veteran federal officers are warning that Big Tech’s censorship dragnet is going to make it more difficult for authorities to profile and apprehend terrorists and other violent criminals.

Former former FBI criminal profiler Clint Van Zandt explained to NBC News that repressive tech platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are removing profiles from their accounts that contain key details to hunt down terrorists and other violent actors.

“These are the people who keep law enforcement up at night,” Van Zandt said, referring to lone-wolf terrorists who keep a low profile. “I used to go to bed thinking, ‘Did I do everything I could? Have I looked for this? Have I looked for that?’ But what do you look for in a guy like this?”

Van Zandt fears that the Big Tech crackdown is going to create countless lone wolves who will be difficult to track and more likely to lash out now that they feel under attack.

“When you tell no one what you’re doing and do it yourself in a complete void, the only way we find you is, like this guy was found, we’re awful lucky and stumble upon you,” said Van Zandt, who speaks from experience after being part of the team that hunted down the “Unabomber,” Ted Kaczynski, an infamously reclusive terrorist who taunted federal authorities for decades before being apprehended.

The NBC News article notes Van Zandt’s belief that the “purging of people with radical views from popular social platforms, which has escalated in recent weeks, deprives investigators of a crucial tool in tracking people who might move along the continuum of ideation to action.”

“We know there are going to be guys out there that are not happy over the next four years with the Biden administration,” Van Zandt said. “The authorities really have got their work cut out for them to identify Ted Kaczynski-type individuals who are sitting out there planning to make a difference in the world.”

Social media monopolies do not just help terrorists, but they also help perverted predators network and discuss the best ways to criminally defile young children, as Big League Politics has reported:

An exposé by Rappler has shown the extent to which Twitter is fueling the global child pornography industry.

“Videos featuring minors now exist alongside leaked private sex videos of young adults on social media, particularly on Twitter, where anonymous accounts troop to sell illegally recorded material,” journalist Jodesz Gavilan wrote in the scandalous report.

Gavilan used an example of a video from the Philippines featuring a young boy having his genitals touched on camera. It was shown on Twitter in a teaser video with 300 pesos needed to see the entire child rape video, according to the exposé.

Child pornography is openly spread over Twitter through various hashtags and code words. One term frequently used is “bagets,” which is a euphemism used to refer to young people. Other times they are tagged as “Kiddie Meals” or “SHS” meaning senior high school students.

Rappler uncovered at least eight different accounts on Twitter that were openly selling or trading child pornography on the platform. Examples of videos advertised on the platform include an explicit picture of young boys having sex and young boy being viciously molested by an older man.

Other accounts sell “experiences” with young children, indicating that Twitter may be a child sex trafficking network as well. One account allows customers to buy cybersex experiences with children. This is particularly prevalent in the Philippines, where the exploitation of children is a massive problem.

“Even though there is commendable progress in tackling child sexual exploitation in the country…there have been nonetheless only limited attempts to document and measure the exploitation of children,” said Sheila Estabillo, who leads the Plan International Philippines’ Cyber Safe Spaces Project, to Rappler.

Big League Politics has reported on how Twitter modified their terms of service to allow pedophiles to network on their platform and discuss their attraction to children in graphic terms.

Big Tech is objectively making the world a worse place by every metric. Perhaps these monolithic corporations should be nationalized or destroyed before civilization implodes completely.

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