EXPOSED: Biden Regime Wanted to Team Up With Chinese App to Snoop On Americans

According to a Forbes report, the Biden regime tried to set up a contractual agreement with TikTok that would have granted the government the power to control aspects of the Chinese app to conduct espionage operations on Americans.

Forbes was able to obtain a draft of the contract between TikTok and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) that would have granted multiple US agencies the power to access the app’s records and operations in exchange for allowing it to continue doing business in the United States.

The report highlighted that the draft agreement going back to the middle of 2022 would have granted the Department of Justice and Department of Defense the power to directly access TikTok users’ activities, facilitating searches of TikTok’s headquarters in the US, files, and servers without any notice given beforehand.

In effect, the US government would have basically been using the same methods through TikTok that the Communist Party of China uses to surveil its very own citizens.

While it has not confirmed the details of the report, TikTok issued a statement noting that it has been working with CFIUS for an extended period of time.

“As has been widely reported, we’ve been working with CFIUS for well over a year to implement a national security agreement and have invested significant resources in implementing a firewall to isolate US user data,” the statement highlighted.

It added, “Today, all new protected US user data is stored in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the US with tightly controlled and monitored gateways. We are doing more than any peer company to safeguard US national security interests.”

The report was released after a ruling by a federal judge in July that declared the Biden regime behaved like an “Orwellian Ministry Of Truth” by how it worked with Big Tech platforms to censor opinions it didn’t like throughout the Wuhan virus  pandemic.

The Biden regime is America Last to its core. It has no regard for the interests of Middle America. In fact, it will even team up with entities such as TikTok, who are strongly connected to geopolitical rivals, in order to send a nasty message to Middle America. 

Only America First nationalists can restore order in the US by asserting sovereignty against multinational corporations that work against the American interest. Corporations should be subordinate to the Historic American Nation, not the other way around.

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