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EXPOSED: Elise Stefanik Has Extensive Ties to Mitt Romney, Supports Mass Immigration and Carbon Taxes

Stefanik is the GOP establishment’s new wolf in sheep’s clothing.



Following her intense questioning of former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch during last week’s impeachment hearing, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has raised her public profile substantially. She is getting praise from the conservative media, and even President Donald Trump has promoted her as a “new Republican star.”

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However, Stefanik’s record is incredibly suspect. After getting her start as an establishment operative, Stefanik has emerged as the GOP’s leading advocate for carbon taxes, mass immigration, and identity politics.

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Stefanik is an unabashed supporter of amnesty for illegal aliens.

“The situation of separated minors at our border is an appalling result of our country’s broken immigration system,” Stefanik said. “For too long Congress and both parties have kicked the can on substantive immigration reform. I am pleased to help lead the effort to bring Congressional action by crossing party lines signing the discharge petition that forced Congress to finally act on immigration.”

“This compromise legislation will solve some of the immediate and pressing issues that our immigration system faces. This package would address immigrants who were protected under DACA, provide needed funding for border security, and end the separation of families at our border,” she added.

She even signed a discharge petition with many Congressional RINOs to urge for immediate amnesty for so-called DREAMers.

“It focuses on both border security and ensures there is a pathway to legal status for DACA (recipients),” Stefanik said about her support of the Hurd-Aguilar amnesty bill.

“There’s a significant backlog where some of our farms are waiting months to get their workers — many of them who have worked seasonally for decades,” Stefanik said, justifying her support for mass third-world immigration. “That backlog is affecting the ability to get their products to market.”

Stefanik is also the co-founder of the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, a GOP-led caucus in the House that attempts to gin up fear about climate change and other leftist environmental concerns.

“The American spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation has powered our nation’s economic development, while advancing our capabilities to ensure wise stewardship of our natural resources,” Stefanik said in a statement following the founding of the caucus.

“As new challenges emerge, it is incumbent on our generation to think boldly and foster the next wave of solutions to protect and improve our environment,” she added.

Stefanik is also a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus, and she has criticized President Trump’s withdrawal from the globalist Paris accords.

“As we know in the North Country, protecting our environment goes hand in hand with strengthening our economy,” Stefanik said. “We understand climate change is a serious threat that must be addressed by our entire global community, and the United States should continue to lead.”

“United States innovation and business leadership have been key drivers to lowering our carbon emissions over the last 20 years, and we should continue to have an influential seat at the table as the rest of the world addresses these issues. Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is misguided, and harms the ongoing effort to fight climate change while also isolating us from our allies,” she added.

Stefanik’s policy positions should come as no surprise considering her background. After getting her first political job in neocon President George W. Bush’s White House, she worked to prep Paul Ryan for his debates when he was running on the ticket with failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012.

When she originally made her way into Congress, Stefanik was assisted by heaps of establishment cash from outside of her district. American Crossroads, a Super PAC founded by globalist insider Karl Rove, spent $750,000 to prop up Stefanik’s political ambitions. Another Super PAC, New York 2014, funneled at least $372,000 into Stefanik’s coffers from billionaire Paul Singer and other elites from the financial industry in order to get her elected.

Now that the GOP establishment has put her into Congress, Stefanik is relentlessly pushing identity politics. She has launched Elevate PAC, a political action committee designed to get women into Congress regardless of their qualifications.

“I can’t tell you how many times I am the only woman at a table,” Stefanik told TIME. “I want more to have a seat at the table.”

“I think the Democrats were strategic in putting up district-specific candidates that would resonate in different parts of the country, whether it’s urban areas, whether it’s people that have interesting narratives with a national-security background or interesting perspectives as working mothers,” she added. “We need to recognize we should be doing that as well.”

Her organization is allegedly supporting a primary challenge against Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), the lawmaker with the most conservative voting record in all of Congress. Kentucky State Rep. Kim Moser is ready to launch a primary challenge against Massie, and Stefanik’s gynocratic PAC will reportedly be in her corner.

“We land on the same place on some issues, and obviously we’re both very conservative and libertarian-leaning,” Moser said. “But I would fall more in the pragmatic, solution-oriented camp and that’s always going to be my issue. I think it’s fine to disagree, but I’m always looking for solutions, and that’s not what I see from Congressman Massie.”

With Stefanik becoming a nationally recognizable figure, the establishment is certainly getting a great return on their dark money investment for pushing this career operative into Congress.


Congress Uses Fake Russia-Taliban Report as Excuse to Keep U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Another victory for the war party.



Democrats are seizing upon a fake news report alleging that Russia has funded Taliban mercenaries to kill U.S. soldiers in order to make it more difficult for troops to be pulled from Afghanistan, thus undermining President Trump’s foreign policy agenda.

The House Armed Services Committee voted on Wednesday to make it more difficult for Trump to pull troops out of Afghanistan. It would force several certifications to be met before Trump could bring troops home. Republicans in the committee joined the Democrats to undermine Trump with the approval of this National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) amendment.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the neoconservative who supports Bush-era globalism, said the measure “lays out, in a very responsible level of specificity, what is going to be required if we are going to in fact make decisions about troop levels based on conditions on the ground and based on what’s required for our own security, not based on political timelines.” It was approved by a 45-11 vote.

The amendment requires an assessment to determine whether or not “state actors have provided any incentives to the Taliban, their affiliates, or other foreign terrorist organizations for attacks against United States, coalition, or Afghan security forces or civilians in Afghanistan in the last two years, including the details of any attacks believed to have been connected with such incentives” before troops can be removed from the country.

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Rep. Seth Moulton (D-MA) bragged about how the measure will make sure the U.S. does not leave the region and more American lives are put in jeopardy for a war effort that is largely recognized to be a lost cause.

“There’s been bipartisan criticism of what a weak deal [Trump] got with the Taliban, a deal that is already falling apart,” Moulton said. “Now we learned that he was making this deal at the same time as there were bounties on the heads of American troops, American sons and daughters. We clearly need more oversight over what the president is doing in Afghanistan.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who is the most eloquent voice for an “America First” foreign policy in the House, opposed the measure because of its obvious implications against peace.

“A great nation does not force the next generation to fight their wars, and that’s what we’ve done in Afghanistan,” Gaetz said. “I think the best day to have not had the war in Afghanistan was when we started it, and the next best day is tomorrow.

“I don’t think there’s ever a bad day to end the war in Afghanistan,” he added. “Our generation is weary of this and tired of this.”

The defense industry is pushing the Russia bogeyman yet again, in order to create xenophobic outrage and a pretense to keep troops occupying in the region. The Pentagon has reported that Russia is trying to expedite the removal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, but they are painting this news as if it is a bad thing.

“As of February, the Russian government was working with the central government, regional countries, and the Taliban to gain increased influence in Afghanistan, expedite a U.S. military withdrawal, and address security challenges that might arise from a withdrawal,” a report from the Pentagon said.

“Russia has politically supported the Taliban to cultivate influence with the group, limit the Western military presence, and encourage counter ISIS operations, although Russia publicly denies their involvement,” they added.

The political establishment, including the military-industrial complex, is pulling out all the stops to sabotage President Trump and deprive him of achieving his goals before November’s election.

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