Eyewitness Accuses Georgia Democrat of Telling Man to “Go Back Where You Came From”

A supposed racist incident at a Georgia supermarket last week involving a black state legislator is rapidly beginning to resemble yet another hate hoax, with testimony from new witnesses casting doubt on the claims of Georgia State Representative Erica Thomas.

Erica Thomas claimed that a man named Eric Sparkes told her to “go back where you came from” during an altercation over an express lane at the supermarket. Thomas’ claims were immediately rejected by Sparkes, who described a milquetoast dispute over the express lane.

Thomas went on to release a tearful and emotional video accusing Sparkes of racially abusing her. But it appears her claims may end up in the pile of seemingly endless hate hoaxes perpetrated by Democrats and progressives, desperate to prove bogus accusations of ‘racism’ against American patriots and Trump supporters.

Now, a woman who claims to have witnessed the incident has spoken out about hearing the racially charged words Thomas says Sparkes directed at her- but from Thomas, not Sparkes.

The unnamed woman, an employee of the Publix store in which the incident occurred, told a Cobb County Sheriff’s Deputy that she heard Thomas use the phrase multiple times during the heated interaction with Sparkes.

In a police report filed over the incident, the employee described an interaction that lasted no longer than 45 seconds, in which “Mr. Sparkes did not appear to be irate.

In a strange coincidental twist, Thomas appears to praise infamous hate hoaxster Jussie Smollett in a 2015 tweet, hoping to make his acquaintance. If she had met Smollett at some point, it’s possible the two could have shared tips and tricks to perpetrate seemingly invincible hoaxes to frame their neighbors for supposed ‘racist’ behavior- although it’s worth noting neither of them appears to have been successful in orchestrating their respective hoaxes.

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