Facebook Appoints Former CIA Analyst To Run Election Policies

Meta recently tapped Aaron Berman, a former CIA agent, to lead its Elections Policies. Berman was previously in charge of the misinformation team at the company during the 2020 elections. He currently occupies a notable position with considerable oversight powers over content connected to elections worldwide.

Aaron Berman spent roughly two decades working for the CIA, from March 2002 to July 2019, per a Breitbart report. During his time with the CIA, he exercised considerable influence as witnessed by several roles he held which included editing and writing for the President’s Daily Brief . This is a notable classified document that is prepared every morning for the United States President by the intelligence community. On top of this, he presided over several analysts and was in charge of multimillion-dollar budgets. His duties consisted of providing briefings to Congress members and the National Security Council.

After his time with the CIA, Berman joined Facebook back in 2019. From the start, he assumed the role of Senior Product Policy Manager for “misinformation.” He played a pivotal role in setting up the misinformation policy team’s workforce in the US and crafting policies during times of “critical events.” 

In his current position as the Head of Elections Policies, Berman holds several responsibilities, which his LinkedIn profile lists below: “Leads a team responsible for elections-related content policies worldwide. Oversees policy development, advises senior executives, coordinates with teams on implementation via technical and human workflows, and represents Meta with external stakeholders. Puts policies into practice on key elections.”

There is a clear revolving door between the Deep State and Big Tech, further demonstrating how there is virtually no separation between economy and state. 

Strong legislation coupled with the defunding and eventual abolition of unconstitutional agencies such as the CIA is needed to ensure that this corrupt revolving door does not continue operating.

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