Facebook Bans ‘God Emperor Trump’ Admin for Viral Meme He Didn’t Even Make

God Emperor Trump Admin Banned From Facebook

Facebook banned God Emperor Trump admin and Big League Politics contributor Tom Pappert from posting on the platform for 30 days for reposting a viral meme about Mac Miller three weeks prior.

Pappert was logged out of Facebook on September 26 at approximately 1 p.m. and given a 30-day block from posting or interacting with other users on the platform due to content that supposedly violated Facebook’s nebulous Community Standards. The offending content was a viral meme posted in early September, created by another Facebook user, that made light of rapper Mac Miller’s unexpected death due to his vocal attacks against President Donald Trump.

Miller, who died of a drug overdose in early September, had been a vocal critic of President Trump. Several times during his concerts, he refused to perform his hit song “Donald Trump” and instead instructed his fans to join him in chanting “f**k Donald Trump.” The day after after Miller’s death, major left wing websites were celebrating him as a martyr who died while resisting President Trump.

Apparently Facebook is fine with those who celebrate an artist who shouted obscenities at the sitting president of the United States, but not those who attempt to find humor in the tragedy of his death.

Facebook has previously banned Pappert dozens of times, and unpublished or deleted the God Emperor Trump Facebook Page a total of six times only to reinstate it each time after a backlash from conservatives and the alternative media. Big League Politics has tracked many of these events in 2018, including the God Emperor Trump admins being removed from the page, then the page being unpublished, and the page being deleted entirely from the platform in March.

As Facebook’s content moderation policies become more confusing and strict, the platform is also rooting out accounts they believe to be fake. Several accounts belonging to admins on God Emperor Trump, with real names and identities tied to them, have been permanently banned from Facebook with no explanation or appeal process.

It would appear that Facebook has now realized that removing entire Facebook pages, especially in the run-up to a crucial midterm election, is too obviously an attempt at election meddling, and have instead resorted to banning the individuals who run prominent pages instead.

Facebook was not immediately available to comment on this ban.

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