Facebook Bans Record-Setting “Joe Biden is Not My President” Facebook Group With 1.7 Million Members

Facebook purged a massive “Joe Biden is Not My President” group page over the weekend without the slightest warning, deleting the group entirely after it had reached a massive 1.7 million members.

Left-wing liberal Democrats have vocalized identical sentiment throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, claiming that President Trump was not the legitimate head of state on the basis of various discredited Russia conspiracy theories. It appears that the Big Tech platform has a far different standard for criticizing the legitimacy of Biden. 39% of Americans believe that the 2020 presidential election was rigged on the basis of widespread voter fraud.

Administrators of the group confirmed on Parler that the page was deleted without so much as any violations of Facebook’s Terms and Conditions.

Members of the group have speculated that the group- which was only founded last month- is the fastest growing Facebook group to reach one million members.

A new replacement for the group page has amassed a remarkable 187,000 members in just over one day since being created.

To fight back against Big Tech censorship, the group administrators have also established a news aggregator to highlight news and events of interest to the group’s community. Joebidenisnotmypresident.news will be impervious to attempts from Big Tech tyrants to silence and delete content critical of Biden.

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