Facebook Censors Conservative For Saying The Sky Is Blue — Literally

Facebook Censors Conservative Sky Is Blue

A conservative U.S. Marine Infantryman was suspended by Facebook for joking about the big tech platform’s propensity to ban conservative users, joking that he could be suspended or banned for simply saying the sky was blue.

Greg Aselbekian, a conservative Marine, was suspended by Facebook after joking about the platform’s eagerness to censor conservative voices.

“Facebook will censor a conservative no matter what,” wrote Aselbekian. “They’ll probably remove my post for saying the sky is blue. Ready? Watch this!”

He then wrote, “The sky is blue!”

Facebook apparently sought to prove Aselbekian’s point, and removed the post then notified Aselbekian that it was removed because it “looked like spam” to the big tech platform.

Aselbekian provided Big League Politics with several more ludicrous examples of Facebook censorship.

In one post, Aselbekian informed his friends and family that his next deployment date would prevent him from attending a Turning Point: USA event, but noted that he would likely be able to attend the annual CPAC and invited users to make plans to meet him there. This post was also considered spam.

In another post, Aselbekian, himself a Marine, bemoaned the desire of leftists to see transgendered individuals in the military, calling it “mental illness.” This appears to have been considered hate speech by the big tech platform, which said it was removed for “attacking people” based on their “gender or disability.”

Another post was removed with no clear reason, except that he referred to Mark Zuckerberg as “Cuckerberg” and referred to Facebook employees as having “made up genders.”

These absurd and often comical examples of censorship come after Facebook banned several prominent conservatives earlier this month, including Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Laura Loomer. In the case of Jones, Facebook took the additional step of pledging to consider banning any user who posts links or videos containing Jones on the platform.

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