Facebook, Twitter Censor President Trump’s Message Urging Protestors to Peacefully Leave Capitol From Platform

Facebook has removed a video released by President Donald Trump on Wednesday urging Stop the Steal protestors to act peacefully and leave the US Capitol. Protestors brought a halt to electoral college count proceedings when entering the Capitol, with Members of Congress and Senators evacuating.

President Trump’s video was a call to peace, raising serious questions as to why the Big Tech platform saw the need for censorship.

Twitter has outfitted the President’s statement with a hysterical qualifier, restricting his followers from retweeting or liking it on account of a “risk of violence.”


“Go home, and go home in peace,” said the President.

UPDATE: YouTube has also removed the President’s video urging demonstrators to depart the scene of the Capitol in peace.

UPDATE: Twitter has removed President Trump’s video message, fully ensuring that the call to peace is purged from every major social media network.

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