Facebook: Gay Pride Parade Obscene in Auto-Flag Warning

Facebook says this year’s gay pride parade appears to be obscene.  Facebook flagged a video filmed at the gay pride parade and posted on LIVE LEAK as under review for obscenity (that is, violating community standards) .

The video shows a topless young boy, apparently 10 to 12 years old, participating in the gay pride parade, and performing a sexual grinding dance — prominently displaying and shaking his rear end in suggestive ways.  Adults participating in the gay pride parade in costume are encouraging the young boy to perform the sexually suggestive dance — exactly the same as typically displayed by erotic dancers as portrayed in movies and pop culture — as part of the parade events.

Rico Grenache posted the video from LIVE LEAK on June 5 onto Facebook, at the group that I manage “Conservative Party.”  As soon as I shared the link from “Conservative Party” to another group, Facebook flagged the Gay Pride Parade video clip as obscene.

A PDF screen shot of Facebook’s flagging notice on Saturday can be seen at this link:  Facebook Flags Gay Pride Parade

Facebook’s flagging referred the video to the group Admin for review and removal.   The video itself can be viewed — sexual content warning — at:  https://www.facebook.com/rico.grenache/videos/221462228812892/UzpfSTc0MDkyNzA4NTpWSzoyMzY1MDA0NDEwMjMxOTk1/

LIVE LEAK is a video sharing service that competes with YouTube and has far less censorship than Facebook.

Gay parades have notoriously involved, for decades, public nudity and actual or simulated sexual activity in public.  Gay pride parades do not portray the message of equality for homosexuals.  On the contrary, the parades as have been reported for decades are displays of nudity and sexuality in depraved manners.  It appears that wearing clothes is not consistent with marching in a gay pride parade.





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