Facebook Head of Global Community Development is Caught on Video in Pedo Sting, No Longer with the Tech Giant

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has parted ways with their head of global community development after he was caught on video in a pedophilia sting.

Jeren A. Miles left the tech overlord after he was caught in a sting set up by PCI Predator Catchers Indianapolis. They demonstrated that he sent lewd and sexual messages to an individual who he believed to be a 13-year-old boy and that he went to a location hoping for an illicit rendezvous with the child.

”The seriousness of these allegations cannot be overstated. The individual is no longer employed with the company. We are actively investigating this situation and cannot provide further comment at this time,” a Meta spokesman told Techcrunch.

It is unclear whether Miles was fired or resigned from the company. He has scrubbed his social media profile and the video of the encounter on YouTube is rapidly going viral.

It can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how pedophiles are part and parcel of the globalist control apparatus:

CNN confirmed Wednesday that Jake Tapper’s producer, Rick Saleeby, resigned from his position after it was revealed that he allegedly solicited sexually explicit photos of an underage girl, Post Millenial reported. Fairfax County police also reportedly confiscated devices from his residence.

The news broke to Twitter via Jack Posobiec of Human Events.

Rick Saleeby was a CNN producer for “The Lead with Jake Tapper.” 

The allegations of his inappropriate behavior were revealed by Project Veritas, which included texts about fantasies of molesting his fiance’s daughter.

In one exchange, Saleeby described his fiance’s daughter’s light clothing when at the pool, saying that she was  “wearing very closely cut bottoms at the pool.” He then went on to describe the girl’s pubic area in a vulgar manner.

Janine Banani, a woman who was in a relationship with Saleeby for over a decade, joined Project Veritas for the expose. Banani provided a recording of a man who was allegedly Salbeeby that said “…after I’m done having my mouth on her, I’m going to walk up and put my crotch very close to her face… slowly unzip my zipper and just guide her head a little closer and I’m just going to have her kiss the head and I’m going to put her hand on it so she can feel what the hard flesh feels like.”

The producer has castigated others for similar inappropriate behavior in the past.

“He had already been accused of things prior. But he would make advances if there was a social gathering and they were drunk, put his arms around them, try and touch their leg,” Saleeby had previously said about another colleague.”

These revelations will only add fuel to the fire of the “conspiracy theories” that the world is run by a network of satanic pedophiles. The evidence continues to mount to bolster this theory with each passing day.

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