Facebook Mass Censoring Any MENTION of the Word ‘Coronavirus’

Mark Zuckerberg Matrix

Facebook appears to enacting a totally new level of Orwellian censorship, going so far as to mass delete any comment or post with a mere mention of the word ‘coronavirus.’ Some online conservatives brought up the remarkable and reactionary censorship on Monday, expressing surprise that the company would go so far as to silence any mere mention of the disease’s name.

Other Facebook users recounted the exact same experience. It’s unclear if the automated ban on saying ‘coronavirus’ applies throughout the entire platform, or is merely blanketed upon a subsection of users.

The author had a similar experience when posting a comment that merely said the word ‘coronavirus.’

Curiously, the comments merely stating ‘coronavirus’ don’t appear to have been outright deleted from the platform. Instead, they’re rendered invisible to anyone but the individual that posted them, ensuring that Facebook can claim they aren’t deleted, but just as effectively silenced.

The coronavirus epidemic is one of the most significant global events since World War II. But don’t you dare as so much even think as to mention it on Facebook.

For the world’s largest social media network to so callously silence anyone who even dares to mention the name of the disease is reminiscent of some of the most authoritarian censorship practices in history, such as those practiced in the Soviet Union.

It’s hard to think of a practice that could so effectively reveal malfeasance and authoritarianism on the part of Silicon Valley tech elites, but they don’t care. So much as an actual discussion on coronavirus isn’t permitted for the unwashed masses, and is reserved as a privilege for the liberal elites.



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