Facebook Re-Instates Trump Group After Deplorable Pressure

Facebook has re-instated a major pro-Trump group after massive pressure from Trump supporters across social media platforms.

As Big League Politics first reported, Facebook deleted the group “Donald J. Trump President of united states,” without citing any reason for why the group supposedly violated community guidelines. After seven days of standoff, Facebook reversed course and re-instated the group, which has 131,550 members.

“I got my group back up,” the group’s creator Jesse Delcourt told Big League Politics. “Thanks for getting the news out there.”

Facebook chairman Mark Zuckerberg has spoken of Facebook having a public utility status. His only major summit with conservative leaders during the election (after it was proven that Facebook’s team used anti-conservative bias in its moderating procedures) was embarrassing: Tucker Carlson said that Glenn Beck was auditioning to be Zuckerberg’s “manservant.”

Big League Politics reported:

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently urged social media platforms to “hurry up” and moderate the kind of content that she thinks helped Trump defeat her in the election…

Facebook shareholders recently pressured Zuckeberg to cut down against “Fake News” while taking a jab at President Trump.

Arjuna Capital executive Natasha Lamb defined fake news as “content posed and disseminated with the intent to mislead, not the mainstream media which the [US] President refers to as fake news”. The supposed epidemic “needs to be managed systemically,” Lamb argued, saying that, “A lack of self regulation could incite government regulation.”

Zuckerberg vowed that Facebook has a “special focus on trying to reduce the prevalence of false news in the system.”

Zuckerberg is generating murmurs as a possible presidential candidate against Trump in 2020. Zuckerberg downplayed presidential speculation after his recent very public road trip across America, saying he was merely “doing it to get a broader perspective to make sure we’re best serving our community of almost 2 billion people at Facebook and doing the best work to promote equal opportunity at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.”

The Facebook founder’s Chan Zuckerberg Initiative recently hired Obama campaign veteran David Plouffe and George W. Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman.

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