Facebook Refuses to Acknowledge Vic Berger’s Targeted Harassment, Zuck Continues To Pay Him

A Facebook Watch creator has not been dropped by the platform after making a fraudulent and defamatory video which portrayed Mike Cernovich as a child abuser.

“A Facebook Watch program user has been stalking my daughter, and he’s recently begun spreading misinformation and fake videos involving her and my wife,” said Mike Cernovich in an email to Facebook. “Yesterday this user took a video clip from my page, and added audio of a child screaming and being beaten in the background.”


The perpetrator is Vic Berger, a YouTube personality.

“Berger tagged in a child protective group, which is borderline Swatting,” Cernovich said. “It is also a waste of the group’s time to send in false tips.”

Berger is a serial harasser of the Cernovich family, whose odd obsession dates back a couple of years. Swatting is the act of putting false information on the internet in an attempt to get authorities to show up at the victim’s home to investigate.

“This is not the first time Berger has made fake videos of my daughter,” Cernovich wrote. “My wife has asked him to stop, as he’s been harassing her and my daughter for a while.”

“Facebook is monetizing his account and giving him preference in the algorithm,” he continued. “Please advise me on the next best steps to take so that your preferred user will stop harassing my wife and daughter, and making fake videos.”

“Hi , your paid creator Vic Berger admitted to harassing my family and continues threatening my wife and daughter. Why are you paying him?” Cernovich tweeted after his email to Facebook.

He tagged Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL).


So far, Facebook has not acknowledged Cernovich’s complaint.

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