Facebook Removes Patriot Prayer and Leader Joey Gibson’s Accounts While Antifa Continues to Promote Terror on Social Media

According to a report from KATU, Joey Gibson, the head of Patriot Prayer, revealed that his personal Facebook account was removed on September 4, 2020 in addition to the group’s page.

Aaron “Jay” Danielson, a member of the group, was killed by a leftist radical on August 29, 2020.

Danielson and his compatriots were part of a pro-Trump caravan that traveled to Portland in order to stand against the radical Left.

On September 3, the man who was alleged to have murdered Danielson, Michael Reinhoel, was killed after he pulled a gun while a federal task force attempted to catch him near Lacey, Washington. The U.S. Marshals Service recounted this lethal encounter in a statement.

In a statement released on August 4, Gibson stated:

Antifa groups murdered my friend while he was walking home, and instead of the multibillion dollar company banning Portland antifa pages they ban Patriot Prayer and myself (Joey Gibson). People can sign up at PatriotPrayerUSA.com for future events.

So far, there has been no explanation from Facebook on why the Facebook accounts were removed.

However, several conservatives have already expressed their disgust with Facebook’s decision to take down these pages. Sean Davis, the co-founder of The Federalist commented on this development:

A man wearing a Patriot Prayer hat was murdered in Portland by a criminal who said he was “100% Antifa” and instead of banning Antifa pages, Facebook banned Patriot Prayer. Truly Orwellian insanity from the Trotskyite garbage babies who run Facebook.


Big Tech makes no qualms about protecting the Left, while the Right routinely gets censored. Despite the initial optimism about the Internet being a hub for freedom, nowadays it has become a gatekeeping space for tech titans to curtail free speech.

If the Trump administration does not do anything to stand up for conservative voices on social media, all right wing figures, who are actually effective, will eventually be unpersoned

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