Facebook Unveils Plan to “Protect” the 2022 midterms

Facebook has recently unveiled its plans to interfere in the 2022 midterm elections. 

The Big Tech giant will not allow for ads connected to electoral, political, and social issues to be edited in the week that the midterm elections take place. This is part of what Facebook calls election “safeguards” that will be used to police and approve content during the week of the midterms. 

Facebook’s Global Affairs President Nick Clegg, who previously served as the Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons, published a press release where he said Facebook is one of the most popular vehicles for disseminating political news. For that reason, it needs to “protect elections online.”

“Meta invests a huge amount to protect elections online — not just during election periods but at all times. We spent approximately $5 billion on safety and security last year alone, and have hundreds of people dedicated to this work permanently embedded across more than 40 teams. With each major election around the world — including national elections this year in France and the Philippines — we incorporate the lessons we learn to help stay ahead of emerging threats,” the press release stated.

Facebook also plans to remove content that encourages people to not to vote, questions the integrity of elections, and other messages that allegedly spread “misinformation about the dates, locations, times, and methods of voting.” In addition, content featuring “misinformation about who can vote, whether a vote will be counted, and qualifications for voting; and calls for violence related to voting, voter registration, or the administration or outcome of an election” will also be removed.

Facebook also bragged about the censorship measures it has taken towards content that features so-called “hate.”

“Our teams fight both foreign interference and domestic influence operations, and have exposed and disrupted dozens of networks that have attempted to interfere with US elections. We’ve banned more than 270 white supremacist organizations and removed 2.5 million pieces of content tied to organized hate globally on Facebook in the first quarter of 2022. Of the content we removed, nearly 97% of it was found by our systems before someone reported it,” the press release stated.

Big Tech is an arm of the managerial state. Full stop. 

Social media companies are more than willing to advance the unholy agenda of the ruling class when it becomes nearly impossible for the petty tyrants to pass anti-free speech legislation. That’s one thing the Right must understand. We’re living in a different political context where the public vs. private sector distinction is an outdated way of viewing politics. 

It’s up to America First nationalists to offer up the solution of enacting an Internet Bill of Rights to fully protect free speech online from censorship — both private and governmental forms. Not reining in Big Tech will result in the absolute decimation of right-wing discourse online. Under this scenario, the cultural Left will be allowed to dominate political conversations and advance their agenda with virtually no resistance.

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