FACT CHECK: Did Attorney Sidney Powell Claim ‘No Reasonable Person’ Would Believe Her Vote Fraud Claims?

Attorney Sidney Powell is pushing back after many mainstream news sources widely reported that she is claiming “no reasonable person” would believe her vote fraud claims in legal filings.

Powell has drawn controversy for her Release the Kraken prophecies with regards to voter fraud. Ultimately, most of her voter fraud lawsuits have been dismissed in the courts without so much as an evidentiary hearing. She is now fighting a defamation suit filed against her by Dominion Voting Systems.

Her critics, including pro-impeachment Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI), are seizing on the news to denigrate Powell and her efforts to remedy voter fraud:

Legal historian Stephen B. Presser took Powell’s critics to task in a rebuttal published by American Greatness. He believes that Powell is pursuing a sound legal strategy and is saying nothing to undermine her credibility as a vote fraud.

“Powell has not, in any way, retreated from her claims. In spite of the assurances to the contrary from Democrats and the mainstream media, uncertainties remain about the integrity of Biden’s election as president. Prominent among these is the operation of the software and hardware provided by the “election infrastructure company Dominion Voting Systems,” which has sued Powell for defamation for her public assertions that Dominion’s machines were used as instruments of fraud,” Presser wrote.

“Her lawyers, in other words, were simply making a highly technical legal argument that at the time Powell made the statements in question they could only be matters of opinion, and the statement of an opinion is not a statement of fact and therefore could not be grounds for a defamation action. This is not the easiest point to grasp, but any reading of the whole pleading by anyone with legal training should have made it evident,” he added.

Presser contends that the fake news media is out to destroy Powell because she is one of the few figures with clout who is willing to stand for Trump and her country.

“The narrative that Powell, one of President Trump’s strongest defenders, is a shameless and hypocritical villainess must be one that appeals to the anti-Trump animus that still dominates the mainstream media,” he wrote.

Big League Politics has reported on how Dominion sent threatening letters to election whistleblowers as part of their campaign to silence individuals who testify to witnessing first-hand voter fraud by Democrat riggers in November:

Attorneys hired by Dominion voting systems have sent at least one intimidating letters with a list of demands to a electoral fraud whistleblowers in a battleground state where hundreds of independent observers allege witnessing vote rigging being performed on election night.

Big League Politics has obtained a letter that was sent to a Michigan whistleblower. The whistleblower, who wishes to remain anonymous due to potential retaliation, said that they did not even know what Dominion was when submitting their sworn affidavit about the fraud they observed at a ballot processing facility.

“This letter is your formal notice to cease and desist taking part in defaming Dominion and to preserve all documents that may be relevant to Dominion’s pending legal claims,” the letter stated.

The letter was sent on Dec. 28 by attorneys Thomas Clare and Megan Meier, who identified their firm as “defamation counsel” for Dominion. They sent the letter via Federal Express demanding for the whistleblower to produce private information, including communications with Trump administration attorneys, and issue a written response to the demands.

“Your obligation to preserve documents applies both to you, and to any entities that you control,” the attorneys wrote.

“Confirm receipt of this letter and that you intend to adhere to our request to retain documents as set forth above. This is not a complete recitation of Dominion’s rights and remedies, all of which are expressly reserved,” the letter demanded.”

It seems the fake news media is running another spin campaign to discourage vote fraud crusaders from gathering evidence of the crime of the century that occurred last year.

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