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FACT CHECK: Koch Network is NOT Behind ‘Operation Gridlock’ and Other Anti-Quarantine Protests

The establishment is desperate to discredit these protests.



The fake news media is in high gear attempting to discredit the anti-quarantine protests that are sweeping the nation, with the familiar left-wing Koch bogeyman being used to smear the gatherings.

“Recent anti-quarantine protests were organized by FreedomWorks and Tea Party Patriots, backed by Koch Industries,” claimed Democracy Now, a Soros-funded propaganda operation.

“Convention of States Action (COSA), another conservative group in billionaire industrialist Koch’s funding network, is also helping mobilize the protests, which have sprung up in states such as Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin and have seen many participants not wearing masks or socially distancing,” wrote left-wing blog Common Dreams.

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They added: “COSA argues that “only a small number of counties have experienced high rates of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths,” and, thus, statewide shutdowns should not happen. “Decisions to open the economy and return to work can largely be left with local officials,” the group states.”

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“Groups like the right-wing Heritage Organization and the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity are also funding efforts to oppose the shutdowns,” wrote the infamously far-left outlet Salon in a claim that turned out to be blatantly wrong.

Pathetically, even some right-wing commentators have joined in on the campaign to demonize thousands of small business owners and other patriots who want to get back to work and are taking the streets.

However, the Koch Network is directly opposed to these rallies. They have opposed President Donald Trump vehemently and do not want to be associated with rallies featuring activists proudly displaying Trump flags as they push back against shutdown tyranny.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), which serves as the primary political arm for the Koch network, has denigrated the rallies and urged their activists not to attend them. They would prefer to control the process with their lobbyist and billionaire bucks then have the people make their stand.

“The question is — what is the best way to get people back to work? We don’t see protests as the best way to do that,” Emily Seidel, CEO of AFP, said in a statement.

“Instead, we are working directly with policymakers to bring business leaders and public health officials together to help develop standards to safely reopen the economy without jeopardizing public health. The choice between full shutdown and immediately opening everything is a false choice,” she added.

AFP top brass noted that they have abandoned their constituents once they realized that they could not exploit them and keep them on the globalist reservation.

“I think there’s been a lesson,” said Frayda Levin, a board member for AFP. “We saw what we wanted in the tea party. It didn’t work out like we’d like. And now we’re much more practical.”

Michigan Conservative Coalition member Meshawn Maddock, whose organization was behind the wildly successful “Operation Gridlock” protests last week, confirmed that AFP chose not to provide support for the organizing effort when she was reaching out to like-minded groups throughout the state.

“These protests have been the most beautiful form of grassroots organizing that our state and now the nation has seen in decades. No money was ever needed or ever used to motivate thousands and thousands of everyday people to show up and demand their rights that are being stolen from them by tyrannical leaders,” Maddock told Big League Politics.

Maddock noted that when she reached out to different right-leaning organizing groups throughout the state that the Michigan Freedom Fund offered to do a small social media ad buy of $240. This led to widespread media accusations that the Fund, which is financially linked to the influential DeVos family, was masterminding the protests, and they were somehow the brain child of Education Secretary Betsy Devos.

“To suggest that DeVos could co-opt this movement with a $240 Facebook advertisement is pathetic and only used by leftist leaders like Governor Gretchen Whitmer and should never be repeated by conservative leaders,” Maddock said.

The fake news will stop at nothing to keep the coronavirus pandemic fear alive even if it means discouraging people from peacefully exercising their constitutional rights with false and misleading information.


Minneapolis City Government Urges for Victims to Submit to Criminals as They Defund the Police

This is what anarcho-tyranny looks like.



The city of Minneapolis is urging citizens to submit to criminals and comply with their requests as they get ready to defund the police.

A directive issued by the city gave residents “robbery prevention tips” that include handing over purses, wallets and cell phones to criminals. The memo essentially suggests total submission to robbers as a way to stay safe.

It can be viewed here:

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RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

  • RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

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Minneapolis has turned into a hellscape following the death of serial felon drug addict George Floyd during a police encounter, which has sparked race riots there and across the country.

Big League Politics has reported on how Minneapolis is moving to defund the police during a time when crime and lawlessness are spiraling out of control:

The Minneapolis City Council has formally adopted a resolution pledging to replace the city’s police department with a “transformative model of public safety” on Friday. All 13 members of the city council voted for the symbolic resolution, passing it unanimously.

Left-wing city council member Jeremiah Ellison, the son of Democratic Attorney General Keith Ellison, originally proposed defunding the city’s police department last week, as widespread riots and looting engulfed the city in the wake of the death of George Floyd. The rest of the City Council was quick to follow him in endorsing the vague proposal.

Friday’s vote didn’t lay out a concrete plan to replace the city’s police department, instead broadly pledging to implement an alternative that’s yet to be fully imagined. The Council is planning to spend one year in a dialogue “with every willing community member in Minneapolis” to discern the structure of a new community-based model of public safety.

The city’s establishment Democrat mayor continues to oppose a wholesale abolition of the Minneapolis Police Department, but nine votes of the city council is sufficient to veto any attempt he would make to prevent the proposal. Mayor Jacob Frey was viciously booed away from a meeting of Black Lives Matter protestors after refusing to endorse the defunding of the police last week.

Minneapolis incurred more than $55 million in damages from the widespread race riots that engulfed the city in late May, and the city government is already hoping that the federal government will provide a generous bailout to mitigate the costs of the damages. Some of the businesses pillaged by rioters and looters in the chaos have announced that they don’t plan on returning, citing the utter disregard for their safety on the part of city government.

Nearly 20% of Minneapolis real estate listings have been placed for sale in the past seven days, as the city’s upper and middle class recognize that the once affluent city is increasingly slated to become the next Detroit or Chicago.

The city of Minneapolis has become a stunning example of failed liberal leadership. If liberalism is not defeated, this is what the entire nation will look like before long.

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