FACT: White Democrats Are The Elites And They Have No Clue

CNN host Jake Tapper was ridiculed for trying to present himself as a working-class American in a debate with new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, proving the Fake News disconnect with Trump voters and marginalized independents.

Hillary Clinton supporters are the Elites, and they’re singlehandedly responsible for disenfranchising not only the white workers they despise, but also the minorities that they claim to represent. And it’s all becoming painfully evident now. More on that below.

Tapper went to great lengths to burnish his blue-collar credentials, despite evidence to the contrary. Tapper recently sold his house in Washington, D.C.’s Forest Hill neighborhood¬†(“nestled into a densely wooded cul-de-sac”)¬†for a cool $1.4 million.

Jake Tapper in his formative years

Here is how Tapper, a doctor’s son married to a former Planned Parenthood regional field manager, described his upbringing in a series of tweets, which he fired off after my Boston-bred buddy Matt Boyle badgered him about it:

“Someone asked about my saying I grew up in a neighborhood similar to Scaramucci so wanted to expand on that. Mom and Dad moved to Philly when I was a couple months old. My mom still lives in the same house in Queen Village — right on the border with South Philly. There was subsidized government housing (Southwark) half a block away. When I was 8 my parents divorced and dad moved to suburbs in 1979 after he remarried. My parents had joint custody so I split time with them. My dad was a doctor so we were never wanting; plenty of working class people lived/live where my mom still lives. And indeed I talked to some of them when we covered the Dem convention in Philly last year. Trump won a ward in South Philly (and 2 in NE Philly) which did not surprise me after Mr Termini told me about ‘leaners.’…”

So, there you have it. Jake Tapper lived near working-class people and even talked to some of them after he became a highly-paid television host.

Twitter responded by nicknaming the CNN host Jake “I Could See The Projects From My House” Tapper.

The Fake News media is trapped into a corner now. They’ve become self-aware enough to recognize their own aloofness. But they’re still clueless enough to try to defend their working-class bona fides. For Trump supporters, it’s a great position to have them in.

Watch CNN sometime and count the number of times they say “Folks in these communities.” That term gets used now about as much as “engage” or “empower.”

“Folks in these communities need to make decisions about their communities…It’s going to be up to folks in these communities to determine…Folks in these communities are responding to….Folks in these communities need to engage with and empower…”

But let’s talk about Jake Tapper’s communities. It was recently reported that the D.C. suburbs include the four wealthiest, and five of the eight wealthiest, counties in the United States of America.

According to publicly available data, all five of those counties voted for Hillary Clinton.

Howard (Maryland) 63.26 percent for Hillary, 29.28 percent for Trump

Arlington (Virginia) 75.83 percent for Hillary, 16.64 percent for Trump

Fairfax (Virginia) 64.43 percent for Hillary, 28.61 percent for Trump

Loudon (Virginia, #1 richest county in America) 55.06 percent for Hillary, 38.21 percent for Trump

Falls Church (Virginia) 75.02 percent for Hillary, 17.07 percent for Trump

Folks in these communities drive their insufferable children to soccer practice and cello recital in gas-guzzling SUV’s and feed them overpriced groceries from Whole Foods.

Speaking of Whole Foods, which is now merging with Amazon under Jeff Bezos’ CIA-friendly corporate imprint, here’s another reality of our obnoxious, emasculated modern lives: Gentrification.

Aka, the Reason Black People Don’t Give A Crap About Your Collegiate Progressive Millennial Social-Justice Nonsense:

Young, white, well-fed, liberal, progressive, college-educated millennial Democrats are moving into black neighborhoods. Bespectacled, self-righteous Hillary Clinton voters are forcing black people out of their homes and browsing Amazon in the coffee-nook of a Whole Foods on a block where some black lady once raised her kids.

Do black guys on the street corner in D.C. seem interested in your acceptable “pronouns”? Do black women give a rat’s ass how you “identify” sexually? No. Call yourself a reindeer and have sex with GI Joe’s. It doesn’t matter.

Because as soon as you get that college degree and move to the set of “House of Cards,” you become THEIR problem. And pretty soon, with the way things are going, you won’t have to worry about seeing any projects from your group house.




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