Failed Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Believes the GOP Will be “Yearning” for New Leadership

Former Florida governor and failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush recently proclaimed that the Republican Party will be “yearning for a new generation of leaders” in the 2024 election cycle.  

During an interview on October 20, 2022, Bush said that there will be receptiveness among the GOP base towards candidates other than former President Donald Trump.

Although he hasn’t made any official announcements, Trump is strongly considering a third election bid and is largely favored to win the Republican nomination for the presidency in 2024.  

Initially, the media crowned Bush as the favorite to receive the Republican nomination in 2016, but Trump spoiled his prospects by running on a relatively restrained foreign policy and immigration patriotism. 

Bush re-iterated the point that the Republican Party will want candidates who are “focused on the future” instead of “grievances of the past.”

“Whether or not the former president runs or not, I have no clue. He’ll be formidable, but there’ll be other candidates that will be able to make their case for sure,” Bush declared.

All in all, Republicans should not listen to Bush’s or any of his family member’s advice. The Bush dynasty has wrecked the Republican Party by allowing for globalism to creep into American politics. 

One of the greatest accomplishments that Trump was able to pull off was his de facto destruction of the Bush and Clinton dynasties. Hopefully, these political zombies stay six feet deep. 

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