Fairfax County Police Swap Shotguns For ‘Less-Lethal’ Beanbag Guns Amidst Rising Crime

As crime rises, Fairfax County, Virginia is urging its residents to do more to combat theft and vandalism. All while switching patrol shotguns for “less lethal” beanbag guns.

This month, Fairfax County police took 800 shotguns out of circulation, then replaced them with 630 beanbag shotguns. Saying the “new solution” gives officers an “alternative option” in less-lethal situations, per a press release Wednesday.

Except these new shotguns are not an alternative option. They are what officers are expected to use amidst rising crime. 

Also, after some quick napkin math, 170 officers are still left with nothing to defend themselves with. 

Here is the Fairfax County Times outlining the recent rise in crime in Fairfax County during March of 2023:

At two months into the new year, crimes against person and crimes against property in Fairfax County are on track to outpace 2022…

… In 2022, there were 936 crimes against person cases across the county compared to 1,187 as of Feb. 15. This trend parallels crimes against property, totaling 2,952 for 2022 compared to 3,176 as of Feb. 15, according to data provided by the Fairfax County Police Department.

This data builds on an upward trend in which crimes against person and crimes against property jumped by 10.5 percent and 19.1 percent, respectively, from 2021 to 2022.

Per the outlet, the two biggest crimes Fairfax County is dealing with involve those against persons and property.

To combat this, Crime Prevention and Community Outreach Officers are educating the public on the following ways to help reduce crime; “from handing out locks to reduce the Kia and Hyundai thefts, VIN etching events, neighborhood watch programs, Hidden in Plain Sight, home security surveys, and more.”

Of course, the correlation here doesn’t add up. If crime is rising, then why are Fairfax County police moving towards “less-lethal” options? It’s backwards, and even residents are catching on to the terrible response that is putting all the defense responsibly back onto tax payers.

Here’s just one comment on the Fairfax Times article:

You are KIDDING right?! Residents and county leaders have enabled and emboldened this cluster. YOU elected it. mckay and his woke crew now have ensured that your PD is the lowest paid in the region, YOU elected a soros backed prosecutor who has lost how many violent offender and sexual offender cases in court, releasing how many others, and also has a problem with the police to where he wishes to “reform” policing. 

This “less-lethal alternative” is just one example of many showcasing how bad policy is affecting police response across the county. Crime rises, and police are being told to do less while residents are encouraged to do just a little more

So what are taxpayers funding, exactly?

At least Fairfax County is leading the trend with their flashy new e-bikes.

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