Fake News Bemoans the Rise of the ‘Dirtbag Left’ That Hates Democrats More Than Republicans

The fake news media is angry about the rise of a “dirtbag left” that is “flirting with the far right” and massively growing their followings on social media platforms as a result.

The Daily Beast particularly singled out Jimmy Dore, the former Young Turks host who left the liberal reservation, for broaching ideas that are supposed to be verboten in this politically correct day and age. Dore recently brought onto his show a member of the Boogaloo Boys, an ANTIFA-style collective that has threatened violence in support of Black Lives Matter. Dore attempted to find common ground with the controversial activist.

“We would agree on the war, we would agree on the corporate control of our government, we would agree on police brutality. We’re not going to agree on the Second Amendment… you know what, I tell you what, I go back and forth on the Second Amendment,” Dore said to the Boogaloo Boy.

The fake news media is scared of these developments and how they are mainstreaming conservative thought on various issues.

“Playing footsie with the right is not a common thing on the neo-socialist left, but there’s a subset of this latter group, a small but influential band, who can veer into legitimizing the talking points of the extremist right,” The Daily Beast wrote.

“Whether it’s anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, anti-lockdown types, those who believe in pedophile cabals, or deep-state conspiracists, media personalities who peddle such tropes are engaging in a sordid ecosystem that draws left and right together on false premises,” the fake news rag added.

Dore has defended reaching across the aisle and believes that it is necessary to do so because of the current dire situation across the nation.

“The fact that we’re making it toxic for Americans to talk to other Americans in this moment now when our government is abandoning us, and we all know that there might be a Civil War coming. It’s more important now than ever to talk to people because of COVID, because we’re all being screwed by the government,” he said during one of his podcasts.

“It’s called class consciousness… You don’t recommend that some of our people in our same class, we don’t talk to, right? You don’t recommend that, right?” Dore added.

Dore has made it clear that he does not have an extremist position incongruent with left-wing values on COVID-19. However, just for being willing to listen to opposing views, Dore has become a pariah among liberals who have jettisoned many of their core values and embraced full-blown totalitarianism out of fear and cowardice.

“I advocate for lockdowns as one tool to fight the pandemic. My concern about lockdowns are shared with the World Health Organization about the effects of lockdowns on working people and economically vulnerable people. It is why I have been an outspoken champion for government financial relief to people affected by the lockdown and the pandemic,” Dore said. 

“I am also a staunch supporter of single payer healthcare. I do not believe COVID-19 restrictions are a conspiracy. Lockdowns are not tyrannical—closing down people’s businesses as a matter of policy without providing workers financial relief is,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported on the phenomenon of maverick left-wing journalists, such as Glenn Greenwald or Matt Taibbi, speaking out against Democrat insanity since the Russia-gate fiasco occurred.

More individuals of good conscience are speaking out on the Orwellian implications of the Democrats’ agenda. The people must stand united to defeat this existential threat to civilization.

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