Fake News Celebrates Dead ISIS Leader as ‘Canny’ Pragmatist and ‘Austere Religious Scholar’

President Donald Trump announced the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Sunday and showed the terrorist murderer the respect he deserved.

Baghdadi reportedly committed suicide along with three of his children while US special forces raided his compound in Syria. President Trump’s recent controversial policy change in Syria is already paying dividends, as US forces can hunt terrorists instead of protecting the safety of Kurdish communist militants.

While most throughout the world cheered over the news that one of the world’s worst monsters had been eliminated, the fake news did not share those same sentiments. At least one prominent fake news outlet mourned the loss of the terrorist leader.

The Washington Post published a gushing obituary for Baghdadi following his death that they later had to edit after widespread outrage:

Showing what a joke the fake news has become, a Twitter hashtag “#WaPoDeathNotices” immediately went viral and started trending on the social media platform, as people throughout the world laughed at globalist oligarch Jeff Bezos’ lobbying rag.


While the partisan fake news may be enraged that Trump has a serious accomplishment under his belt, the victims of ISIS’ terror are thankful that the man who caused so much suffering in their lives is no longer on this planet.

“Baghdadi died as he lived – a coward using children as a shield,” said Nadia Murad, a member of Iraq’s Yazidi minority who was once sold into slavery by Islamic despots before escaping bondage.

“We must unite and hold [Isis] terrorists accountable in the same way the world tried the Nazis in an open court at the Nuremberg trials,” she added. “It is important not to forget those who suffered at the hands of [Baghdadi] and his militants still need help.”

“This corrupt man, this insect, this virus that spreads throughout the body of not only the Arab nation but also the Muslim nation, who distorted the image of Muslims and Islam,” said Safi al-Kasaesbeh, whose son was burned alive by ISIS butchers in 2015.

“I hope this will hinder the resurgence of terror groups and pray that captured Isis fighters will be brought to trial and held accountable,” said Diane Foley, whose son was beheaded by ISIS terrorists on video and then broadcast worldwide over the internet.

“I remain concerned about the dozen Americans held hostage in Syria, including Austin Tice and Majd Kamalmaz. And I ask President Trump to make them, and all American hostages, a priority,” she added.

President Trump continues to make great progress in the global war on terror, while working to keep US troops out of harm’s way whenever possible. The fake news is only exposing themselves further as the enemy of the people by standing in the way of Trump’s foreign policy achievements.

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