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FAKE NEWS: CNN Doctors Old Photo of Joe Biden with Son to Remove Washington Redskins Logo

CNN is fake news.



CNN has been caught doctoring an old photo of Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden to remove a racist logo from the hat of his son.

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Previously, Biden had shared the photo in its undoctored format on Father’s Day. CNN felt that the depiction of the Washington Redskins logo might trigger their histrionic, unhinged viewer base of Democrats.

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ESPN reported on how Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder caved to the mob, changing the name of the team after repeatedly vowing to fans that he never would do so:

Daniel Snyder endured decades of protests, lawsuits and emotional appeals over the nickname of his Washington NFL team. “We’ll never change the name,” he told USA Today in 2013. “It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.”

Then, in a blinding rush this summer, the name long criticized by Native Americans and others was gone.

But the change didn’t feel sudden to the coalition of Native American groups that started working long ago to force Snyder’s hand by investing in the corporations that pay hundreds of millions of dollars for sponsorship deals.

Ultimately, their effort included more than 85 groups, including racial justice, environmental protection and religious organizations with $620 billion in assets that activists said helped tip the scales.

In 1999, the shipping company FedEx purchased the naming rights to the Washington team’s stadium for $205 million over 27 years. FedEx CEO Fred Smith became a minority owner of the team in 2003.

Even though she didn’t like what FedEx was doing, White invested some of Oneida’s money in FedEx stock, as did a small group of allies, including Steven Heim with Boston Common Asset Management. The goal, Heim said, was to build some sway as shareholders…

Shareholder pressure wasn’t the only force in play around the Washington team. District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser, for example, said in June that it would be difficult for the team to build a new stadium on government property unless it changed the name. And in July, the Washington Post reported that three minority owners of the Washington team, who together own 40%, were seeking to sell their stakes because they were “not happy being a partner” with Snyder. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement on July 3 that the league had been in communication with Snyder about changing the team name and was “supportive of this important step.”

… On July 13, the team announced it would “retire” both the name and mascot. But the burgundy and gold remains, and that worries Doxtator. “The fear of keeping the colors,” he said, “would be that a lot of the fans that have their old clothing and merchandise will fill the stadium with the old name and merchandise. And if that continues, next up is the old practices and chants and the culture-mocking continues.”

So the “long and tough” fight, as Fredericks calls it, continues. But it will be missing some of its leading voices. Heinonen, who retired from Mercy Investment Services in 2019, is in failing health, Zerega said.

However, at least there is one Redskins coach who has refused to bow to the mob, as Big League Politics reported:

Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is refusing to bow down to a liberal Twitter mob demanding he retract his support of President Donald Trump, responding to an accusation of racism by telling an online assailant to “kiss my a**.”

Del Rio first shared a video from Twitter user @samanthamarika1 debunking left-wing claims that President Trump is racist.

When an online rando tried to lecture the longtime NFL coach for his supposed “racism” for supporting Trump, Del Rio hit back, telling the man to “kiss my a**.”

Del Rio had a ten-year playing career in the NFL, and has served stints as the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Oakland Raiders. He’s perhaps one of the most notable NFL figures to defy a stifling left-wing oppressive culture washing over the league.

Not everyone is bowing to the left-wing mob, but the pressure is on for corporate entities to do so like never before. Fake news entities like CNN are driving this astroturfed movement to enforce political correctness.

Fake News Media

Democrats’ Expert on Misinformation is CNN Hack Soledad O’Brien Who Has Pushed Fake News Incessantly for Years

The Democrats are shamelessly Orwellian.



CNN propagandist Soledad O’Brien appeared before Congress on Wednesday as the Democrats’ expert on combating “misinformation.”

During the hearing, she called for her competitors to be censored and for alternative perspectives from the globalist-mandated consensus to be crushed.

“When news organizations make decisions based on ratings rather than responsible reporting, disinformation flourishes in dangerous ways,” O’Brien said while appearing before Congress.

“Cover the fact that lies and propaganda are being disseminated, but do not book people to lie on your show, because it elevates them and presents a lie as another side. Stop posing every story as having two sides, some stories, in fact, have many many sides, and are more complicated. And also, lies don’t have a side,’ she added, describing her vision for how news should be covered.

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However, if O’Brien’s advice were taken by newsrooms, she would never be allowed on anymore due to her record of spreading reckless conspiracy theories about Trump being a Russian asset and other nonsense.

News aggregator @amuse posted some of O’Brien’s greatest hits on the fake news leader over the past few years:

Big League Politics has reported on other times in which O’Brien humiliated herself by posting falsehoods:

As usual, members of our esteemed media were caught lying on Wednesday, this time about the motivations for President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Iraq to visit troops.

Much ado was made when Trump did not visit Iraq on Christmas Day. NBC said that he was the first president not to visit the troops as Christmastime, only to correct themselves after Trump left for Iraq late Tuesday night. This led leftists conclude that the media had “shamed” Trump into visiting our fine soldiers.

“Shaming him seems to work,” CNN’s Soledad O’Brien said in reply to a Tweet by Brit Hume.

Hume had noted that by the time left-wing actress had blasted Trump for not visiting the troops, he had already visited them. Hume blasted O’Brien for her apparent lack of understanding of the concept of time.

“Yes Ma’am,” he said. “Trump read this Tweet when it was posted and time-traveled himself back to yesterday and flew to Iraq. Genius take.”

… What was wrong was the assumption that Trump had to be “shamed” to visiting the war zone. Embarrassingly, these leftists were proved wrong by leftist POLITICO.

“According to a White House official, the Trump administration had been planning the trip for more than six weeks,” said a Wednesday POLITICO piece.

Of course, the piece chided Trump for not being able to keep his trip a secret, citing two of Trump’s remarks about a potential trip to a war zone. 

The Democrats are shameless in pushing their Orwellian agenda. They are at war with objective reality and will stoop to unfathomable depths to achieve absolute power.

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