Fake News Defends Jan. 6 Provocateur Ray Epps Even After He Admits He Helped ‘Orchestrate’ the Riot

The fake news is running cover for Jan. 6 provocateur Ray Epps even after Epps admitted saying he helped to “orchestrate” the riot that happened at the Capitol that day.

The Federalist CEO Sean Davis pointed to Jan. 6 committee testimony in which Epps admitted he said he “orchestrated” the infamous demonstration during an interview with House investigators:

While any other Jan. 6 protester would be crucified by the media for this admission, Ray Epps – for some peculiar reason – is getting a free pass and being cast as a victim of conspiracy theories in news stories.

NBC News painted Epps in a sympathetic light in their recent coverage of his Jan. 6 commission interview.

“We had a tour bus come by our home and our business with all these whacked out people in it,” Epps said. “There are good people out there that was in Washington. Those aren’t the people that’s coming by our house. This attracts — when they do this sort of thing, this attracts all the crazies out there.”

“I saw people crawling all over the Capitol, climbing the walls. It made me kind of ill to my stomach. … There was no point in going back. It had gone beyond to what I wanted it to be,” he claimed.

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