Fake News Journo Who Photographed First Responders Blocking Traffic Has History of Staging Medical Photo-Ops

A photograph of so-called “first responders” standing in the middle of traffic in Denver, apparently leaving their hospitals and neglecting coronavirus patients in doing so, to deny patriots the ability to demonstrate their constitutional rights is going viral.

Liberals are calling these individuals heroic for their anti-constitutional demonstration, but it may have been a complete hoax as the journalist who took the pictures is known to stage photo ops as part of her job.

Activists on social media drew attention to a post from Alyson McClaran, a freelance photographer whose work has appeared throughout various fake news publications, where she was recruiting medical equipment presumably to stage a photo op of sorts.

“I need someones help for a photo shoot. I am trying to find a nurse or someone who has the uniform and a stethoscope to help for MSU Denver’s online publication. Let me know and thanks!” McClaran wrote in the Facebook post in Oct. 2018.

The offending Facebook post can be seen here:


McClaran is currently doing a media victory lap, basking in the attention for photographing the protest against people exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

“I wanted to document history,” McClaran said to BuzzFeed News on Monday. McClaran claims she just happened to be right in the middle of the protest at the perfect time to get the best shots.

“This is it. This is what I needed,” she added.

“The nurses just stood their ground,” McClaran said. “They were very peaceful, and I didn’t hear a single word come out of the guy’s mouth.”

“Honestly, I was just really sad to see all this anger,” she added. “Everyone was just very stressed out, and I was afraid for my safety and for others.”

McClaran is participating in the widespread demonization campaign against Americans who are being destroyed by the societal lockdown, which includes an Orwellian censorship campaign on social media and wall-to-wall propaganda on every platform imaginable.

The proponents of shutdown and hysteria have already been caught spreading fake news about the pro-constitution protesters on many occasions, such as when they claimed “Operation Gridlock” protesters in Michigan blocked access to a hospital last week:

Tens of thousands of cars descended upon the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing on Wednesday afternoon to protest Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s emergency edicts…

The incredible success of the demonstration has prompted murmuring on social media regarding the Sparrow Hospital in Lansing being blocked. Many flooded the popular “Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine” group and official page for the event on Facebook to spread their conspiracy theories…

The Michigan Conservative Coalition, the primary organization behind the protest, issued a post after receiving word from a nurse who reported back to the group about what was happening at Sparrow Hospital.

“Put something out there that sparrow hospital entrances are NOT being blocked and that emergency vehicles can freely move throughout. Some people on fb are saying that the entrances are being blocked and emergency vehicles can’t get through. I know that’s not the case,” they wrote in a Facebook post.

Bridge Magazine reporter Riley Beggin confirmed that the MCC’s anecdote was in fact legitimate. She noted that the Sparrow entrance was not blocked off and remained freely accessible throughout the protest.

Sparrow spokesperson John Foren also told WLNS 6 News that there are no access problems and ambulances can “get in and out. There’s no problem.”

It seems that McClaran’s photo op is just the latest trick the establishment is using to put down the mounting resistance to coronavirus hysteria.

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