Fake News Media Attacks Independent Publishing Platform ‘Substack’ for Refusing to Censor Content

The fake news media is beginning to launch attacks on Substack, the independent publishing platform that allows journalists to create content for their fans without editors.

The Guardian is complaining that vaccine-skeptical writers such as Alex Berenson and Dr. Joseph Mercola are allegedly making millions per year. Their reporting consisted of propaganda laundered from the government-funded thought control group, the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), in order to create pressure on Substack to censor.

“They could just say no. This isn’t about freedom; this is about profiting from lies … Substack should immediately stop profiting from medical misinformation that can seriously harm readers,” said Imran Ahmed, chief executive of CCDH.

The Washington Post published a similar article but were forced to issue the following correction after they got key details incorrect in their reporting: “Mercola’s newsletter is among the top 20 most popular in the political category on Substack and subscribers pay $50 a year. A previous version of this story incorrectly said subscribers pay $50 a month and that Mercola’s newsletter was among the top 10 most popular on Substack. This article has also been updated to clarify that the $2.5 million is an estimate for revenues. This article has been updated.”

As of right now, Substack is standing by their support of freedom of speech against the cancel culture mob trying to enforce Big Brother.

“At Substack, we don’t make moderation decisions based on public pressure or PR considerations,” Substack Vice President of Communication Lulu Cheng Meservey said on Twitter. “An important principle for us is defending free expression, even for stuff we personally dislike or disagree with. We understand principles come at a cost.”

“People already mistrust institutions, media, and each other. Knowing that dissenting views are being suppressed makes that mistrust worse. Withstanding scrutiny makes truths stronger, not weaker,” Meservey added. “We made a promise to writers that this is a place they can pursue what they find meaningful, without coddling or controlling. We promised we wouldn’t come between them and their audiences. And we intend to keep our side of the agreement for every writer that keeps theirs.”

Renegade left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald has noted how Substack and other tech alternatives like Rumble are helping to sustain free speech in an increasingly Orwellian age:

The fake news media is in its death throes, and Substack is helping to hasten their demise. If Substack falls, another similar service will replace it due to the market demand. This is why the enemies of mankind are throwing tantrums in their propaganda rags with dwindling readership and influence right now.

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