FAKE NEWS: Media Publishes Disgustingly Mischaracterized Articles on the Death of Kristi Noem’s Grandmother to Attack Her COVID-19 Approach

On Tuesday the Daily Beast published a horrifically misleading story about the death of South Dakota governor Kristi Noem’s grandmother, which was later picked up by sites like Business Insider and MSN.

Daily Beast “Special Correspondent” Michael Daly wrote in a piece titled “Anti-Mask Guv’s Grandmother Died in Nursing Home Ravaged by COVID” that despite the death of Governor Noem’s grandmother, 98-year-old Aldys Arnold, Noem “continues to downplay the virus, refuse a mask mandate, and ignore the terrible price her state is paying.”

Keep in mind that the primary objective here is not to report Arnold’s death, but to lambast Noem’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and in a sense blame her for her death.

That is despicable enough in itself, but what makes it worse is that Noem’s grandmother likely didn’t even die from COVID. Daly tells us in the second paragraph of his story that, according to Noem’s office, Arnold tested negative for the virus and that no cause of death was given.

12 out of the 13 deaths at that nursing home between November 14 and November 28 were “COVID-related”—the one exception being Aldys Arnold.

To add fuel to the fire, Business Insider writer Kelly McLaughlin ran her story with the exact same characterization as The Daily Beast’s, with a duplicate version of her article also appearing in MSN.

This is the same fake news media that reluctantly covered—or outright ignored—reports of Democratic governors stuffing COVID patients into nursing homes back in the spring. When we say that the fake news media is the enemy of the people, we wholeheartedly mean it.

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