Fake News Media Releases More Personal Details about Derek Chauvin Jurors as Verdict Looms

With the jury expected to come back with a verdict on former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the near future, the fake news media is releasing more identifying information about jurors.

Although the fake news has not named the jurors explicitly, they are releasing more information about them that could be used by ANTIFA terrorists, Black Lives Matter thugs and other abhorrent reprobates to discover their identities in the event they choose to acquit Chauvin of wrongdoing in the death of drug-addicted serial felon George Floyd.

“The tensions there and people potentially being upset depending on what the jury returns. I know the jury is partially sequestered right now, meaning that they are not allowed to have their phones or check their devices while in court, but they’re in a break now which would be a period where they could check and they would have access to their devices,” the CBS News anchor said to set up the stage for partially doxxing the jurors.

“Do you have any sense from covering this from the beginning, from being in the court room on a couple of days, that the jury is aware of the powder-keg and the significance around the trial, the eyes of the world, the larger meaning of what is at stake here in the court,” he said to reporter Jamie Yuccas.

Yuccas then started to explain the movement of the jurors, how they are transported in and out of the courtroom, and shared details about them to the public.

“Well, they’ve been keeping the jury very tight together as they are coming in and out of court. So we know there is a tunnel system underneath the government center, and they have been bringing the jurors up through that. The only times the jurors have been seen within the government center is when they have lunch, which is in the basement of the cafeteria,” she said.

“Other than that, we got a list of all 14 jurors – their ages, what they had written on some of their statements that they provided to the court before they were selected as jurors. So what we know from that, and that’s really the only information besides being in the courtroom that I can give to you, is that from those statements that they provided the court, there is at least one juror who lives in Brooklyn Center near where Daunte Wright was shot and killed by police just last week,” Yuccas added.

Wright is the latest felonious thug who is being celebrated as an angel in order to give certain aggrieved privilege groups the opportunity to do what they do best: steal and destroy.

Yuccas also noted that there are “at least two or three other jurors who have connections to Brooklyn Center” as CBS News displayed the age, gender and racial makeup of all the jurors on the screen.

“It does look like two caucasian women will be…let go [from the jury]. We will make sure to see if that does in fact happen. But based on other cases, that is what should happen, which makes the jury even more diverse than what we’ve talked about before in this case,” she said.

The entire clip can be seen here:

This biased report shows how the fake news provides the basis for ANTIFA, BLM, and other left-wing terrorist groups to wage war against civilization. If Chauvin is found innocent, America will burn, and the blood will be on the hands of the media propagandists.

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