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Fake News Settles on Former CIA Director John Brennan for Russian Collusion Scapegoat

The fake news is looking for scapegoats after being exposed for pushing phony conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia for years



With news breaking that FBI spook Robert Mueller’s special investigation into Russian collusion found no evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump, the fake news merchants of the mainstream media are looking for scapegoats, and they may be settling on former CIA Director John Brennan for that role.

Brennan has been one of President Donald Trump’s most obscene and foul opponents, exhibiting incredibly unprofessional behavior unbecoming of a public servant frequently throughout Mueller’s hoax of an investigation.

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Brennan has disgraced himself so badly that even fake news entities like CNN and ABC News are demanding that he be held accountable for lying so incessantly and irresponsibly.

CNN political commentator Amanda Carpenter said on Monday that Brennan should apologize for his repeated incendiary comments that Trump was guilty of “treason” without any evidence.

“He’s not just a regular pundit spouting off,” she said. “He was a former CIA director. I don’t know about you guys, but when a former CIA director speaks, I listen, because I believe they have credibility, and now he’s backtracking.”

ABC News Senior National Correspondent Terry Moran highlighted Brennan’s hypocrisy with the following tweet:

Brennan is still attempting to weasel out of complicity for perpetrating this seditious conspiracy against President Trump and the American people.

“I still point to things that were done publicly, or efforts to try to have conversations with the Russians that were inappropriate, but I’m not all that surprised that the high bar of criminal conspiracy was not met,” Brennan said during an MSNBC appearance on Monday.

Brennan should be more concerned about his own inappropriate behavior. Not only has the disgraced former CIA chief lied to the American public about Russian collusion, he has also formulated Obama’s “kill list” for drone attacks and committed obvious perjury before the US Senate. If anyone ought to be investigated by the FBI, it should be Brennan and other Obama-era officials, not anyone from the Trump administration.

Deep State

Taxpayer-Funded Commission Talks Smack About President Trump

There Are Many Subversive Actors Within the American Government Who Want to See President Trump Fail



Cyber Solarium, a taxpayer-funded Defense Department commission, made it clear last month that it is not on President Trump’s side.

The nationalist group Republicans for National Renewal brought Cyber Solairum’s subversiveness to America First patriots’ attention on Twitter by pointing out the commission’s anti-Trump retweets.

RNR cited Cyber Solarium’s retweet of Maine Senator Angus King’s praise of Chris Krebs, the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

On November 16, King tweeted, “Chris Krebs is a dedicated public servant who has helped build up new cyber capabilities in the face of swiftly-evolving dangers. By firing him for doing his job, President Trump is harming all Americans – who rely on CISA’s defenses, even if they don’t know it. My statement:”


President Donald Trump fired Krebs last month for his denial of there being any widespread fraud during the 2020 election. This angered establishment politicians like King, who penned a press release condemning the president’s actions.

In the press release, Krebs declared “Chris Krebs is an incredibly bright, high-performing, and dedicated public servant, who has helped build up new cyber capabilities in the face of swiftly-evolving dangers. This year’s robust election security and public awareness campaign exceeded our expectations, especially given the unique political and technological challenges. Equally important is the less publicized work CISA has done to protect our nation’s other critical infrastructure assets. We should be empowering Chris and his team to do more, not punishing them for their doing their job.”

King continued attacking the President and expressed his optimism with regards to a Biden administration correcting this “error.”

“By firing Mr. Krebs for simply doing his job, President Trump is inflicting severe damage on all Americans – who rely on CISA’s defenses, even if they don’t know it. If there’s any silver lining in this unjust decision, it’s this: I hope that President-elect Biden will recognize Chris’s contributions, and consult with him as the Biden administration charts the future of this critically important agency.”

It’s clear that there are many subversive elements within the American government that want Trump out. It’s a telltale sign of the institutional decline the U.S. has experienced over the years as its constitutional republican model has been pushed aside in favor of an administrative state that is completely hostile to a nationalist presidency.

America First nationalists will have to clean house at the federal level in order to ensure that no future nationalist administrations ever get derailed from within again.

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