FAKE SHAM: Vote on Legality of Impeachment Reveals Show Trial Has No Chance to End in Conviction

A vote challenging the constitutionality of the impeachment of former President Donald Trump revealed that the trial has no chance to end in conviction on Tuesday.

44 Senators voted against a measure stating that a post-presidency impeachment is legal.

While the Senate recognized that impeaching a former President was constitutionally valid in a dubious and legally questionable move, the contingent of Senators that voted against the trial’s legality dooms chances of a conviction. 66 Senators would have to vote to convict former President Trump in order for a legal conviction. With only 56 Senators recognizing the process as even legal, there’s no chance of that happening.

6 NeverTrump Republican Senators betrayed their party, opting to join Democrats in acceding to the sham trial. Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy and Nebraska’s Ben Sasse now face censure at the hands of their respective state Republican parties, with voters furious they’re pushing an attack on a former President as middle-class Americans are deprived of necessary stimulus checks.

Arguments over the legality of the sham have now concluded. Democrats will present arguments claiming that President Trump incited violence during the raucous January 6th Capitol protest, despite the President urging his supporters to proceed to the Capitol “peacefully” before the event. Reports have emerged suggesting that a Capitol Police Officer who died after the protest was not physically assaulted during the event, and may have succumbed to a medical condition. One Trump supporter, Ashli Babbitt, was shot and killed under highly questionable circumstances after trespassing in the Capitol building.

The Senate is now poised to proceed with the meaningless sham. Joe Biden refuses to call off the Democratic attack dogs, who are bird-dogging a process that will ultimately end in President Donald Trump’s second acquittal in a Senate impeachment trial.

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