Famous French Author Michel Houellebecq Declares Great Replacement is a Fact

Renowned author Michel Houellebecq said that the Great Replacement is a “fact”, stressing that “it’s not a theory.”

During a discussion with prominent French philosopher Michel Onfray, Houellebecq declared, “The Great Replacement, I was shocked it’s called a theory. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact. When it comes to immigration, nobody controls anything, that’s the whole problem. Europe will be swept away by this cataclysm.”

The Great Replacement refers to the process of non-Europeans demographically replacing European natives through mass migration policies that Western politicians have adopted in the last 50 years.

Houellebecq is generally viewed as France’s greatest living writer, so it’s quite significant that he would make such a statement about the Great Replacement.

“It’s objectively what the figures say,” Onfray noted. The French philosopher believes that the West’s decline is primarily driven by demographic decline.

Both intellectuals also touched on the subject of Islam, but had differing views on how it will develop in France. Onfray stated that he believes that Islamism “is not such a powerful phenomenon.” Instead, he views it as “a reaction to American power.” Onfray is of the view Muslims will eventually assimilate to Western consumer culture and abandon their religion, just like their

Houellebecq has a different perspective on the issue: “When entire territories are under Islamist control, I think acts of resistance will take place. There will be attacks and shootings in mosques.”

Houellebecq is renowned for authoring novels such as Submission (2015), where it depicts a situation in which an Islamist party pacts with the Socialist Party to win the 2022 presidential election in France. From there, the Islamist Party would impose Islamic values across France, fundamentally transforming France.

While Houellebecq’s content may seem over the top, the Great Replacement is a real development. It’s fundamentally transforming France and the rest of the Collective West. If the political classes of these countries don’t get their act together, Western civilization will disappear into the ether of world history.

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