Fanatic Leftists Gather in Front of Mansions Demanding the Government to Steal Money from the Wealthy

Last week, over 200 protesters carrying pitchforks demonstrated in the Hamptons calling for Governor Andrew Cuomo to impose a wealth tax on billionaires.

Business Insider reported that this demonstration was comprised of a coalition of activist groups that include New York Communities for Change, a group advocating on behalf of the homeless, and News Guild (CWA).

According to a ZeroHedge report, CWA passed through the Hamptons and stopped at the homes of a number of billionaires. These included investor Daniel Loeb, real estate developer Steven Roth, and Hudson Yards developer Steven Ross, who are all Cuomo donors, per a report from The Guardian.

State Senatorial candidate Jabari Brisport joined the protesters. He stood outside of Loeb’s East Hampton mansion and declared “If there is one thing that makes me more mad than billionaires, it’s billionaires like Dan Loeb that push and advocate for charter schools.” He continued, “I’m sick of the attacks on our public school children, and I’m sick of people like this donating to Andrew Cuomo so he can sit there in Albany twiddling his thumbs about how to deal with this budget deficit.”

The current Wuhan virus pandemic has seen the calls for a wealth tax increase grow stronger. Progressive champions such as Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have positioned themselves as pro-wealth tax champions. Several prominent business figures such as Ben & Jerry’s cofounder Jerry Greenfield and Tim Disney — the heir of the Disney family fortune — have pushed for a wealth tax. They wrote an open letter making the case that a wealth tax would “ensure we adequately fund our health systems, schools, and security … immediately. Substantially. Permanently.”

Cuomo rejected the wealth tax proposal, declaring that it would force New York’s 118 billionaires flee the state. Due to the impact from the Wuhan virus, the government recently rolled out spending cuts for schools, public housing, and hospitals.

“The governor has a choice: He can either cut funding from students, nurses, seniors, and working families who keep our city running — or he can tax the rich,” declared event organizer Alicé Nascimento, who is the Director of Policy & Research at New York Communities for Change. “And he keeps choosing cuts over taxes — because he’d rather protect his wealthy billionaire donors than protect working New Yorkers.”

With an already convoluted tax system in place, an additional wealth tax will only give the government another avenue to steal wealth and finance largesse.

American workers would benefit more from migration restriction, small business deregulation, strategic tariffs, more sound money policies, and a transition towards natalism as opposed to the current welfare model.

Adding another layer taxation will just incentivize more reckless spending and hamstring America’s economic potential.

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