Far-Left NYC Mayor De Blasio Begs Warren to Endorse Sanders as His Campaign Craters

Following the implosion of the presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), his far-left supporters are getting desperate, and that includes New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio.

De Blasio is one of the most prominent public officials to endorse Sanders, and he wants other lefties to stick their necks out and lend their support for the hardcore socialist during his time of desperation.

“I deeply respect [Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts]. Our nation + our party are better + more progressive because of her leadership. Now our progressive movement needs her more than ever. Senator, if the shoe was on the other foot [Sanders] would have endorsed you already. Please join us!” he wrote in a pleading tweet on Tuesday morning.

De Blasio also hammered former Vice President Joe Biden in an MSNBC interview on “Morning Joe” on Tuesday morning, claiming that Biden “hasn’t been vetted.”

“Joe Biden hasn’t been vetted. He was in a perfect position: Early front-runner and then everyone thought he wasn’t gonna make it, turned their attention to [Mike Bloomberg], Bernie [Sanders], even to [Elizabeth] Warren for a while,” the mayor said while speaking with former Congressman Joe Scarborough.

“Joe Biden has a lot of issues he needs to speak to. If we don’t deal with it now, in the family, and have that blunt discussion, Donald Trump will,” he added, mentioning Biden’s positions on supporting the Iraq War, cutting social security and supporting Draconian criminal justice policies as being particularly problematic.

De Blasio’s recommendations have not been particularly well-received and have caused him to earn the scorn of his party’s establishment.

“Respectfully, I think a lot of people would think dealing with the coronavirus is a full time job for the Mayor of New York. Maybe stop telling a woman what to do and focus on that,” former Hillary Clinton aide Neera Tanden wrote in a tweet responding to De Blasio.

“Sir, we’re gonna need you to stop tweeting about your crush on Bernie and start addressing COVID-19 in the city for which you are *mayor,*” tweeted Eleanor’s Legacy, an identity politics group that promotes female candidates in New York.

“It assumes that she somehow owes him something here, and that Bernie doesn’t also owe her something, that Bernie doesn’t have responsibility in this equation — responsibility for his win or loss,” Democratic consultant Alexs Grenell said.

“That to me is what’s sexist — Elizabeth Warren is somehow responsible, by failing to provide an endorsement, for how Bernie performs as opposed to Bernie himself,” she added.

Bernie Bros such as NYC Mayor De Blasio only dig their hole deeper as they try to save Sanders’ fledgling campaign. Once the front-runner, it is now seemingly a formality that Biden will take the Democrat presidential nomination and face off against President Trump in November.

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